The Ugly Truth: Top 7 Reasons To Skip The Tanning Bed

Everybody loves a tan.

Indeed, a lovely bronze sheen to the skin can make you look and feel fantastic.

However, the desire to get one can be problematic! For instance, 35% of adults in the US regularly use tanning beds to get the job done. Unfortunately, and to the surprise of many, this can lead to all sorts of negative repercussions.

Of course, everyone has the right to choose what they do to their body. But, in truth, you might want to think twice before your next visit to the tanning salon. At the very least, it’s important to know the potential harm it can cause.

Interesting in learning more?

Keep reading to discover seven reasons to skip the tanning bed.

1. Increased Risk of Skin Cancer

This is by far the number one reason to avoid tanning beds at all costs:

They drive your risk of getting cancer through the roof. These beds expose your skin to intense levels of UV radiation.

You’ve probably heard of UV rays before. They’re the reason you (should) smear the factor 50 all over your face and body at the beach. Simply, the sun emits UV rays by virtue of being a giant ball of fire in the sky. But they’re no good for us! It’s in our interest to steer clear (hence the sunscreen).

Exposure to UV is known to cause cancer. Spending time on a sunbed is effectively like volunteering to get cancer.

2. They Cause Injury

Now, the threat of cancer is probably a reasonable deterrent in itself to using these beds.

However, the risk to your health doesn’t stop there.

Far from it, these beds can cause serious injuries in the short term as well. Every year, people get rushed to emergency departments for treatment following tanning bed incidents. Burns, eye injuries, and more are all fairly common.

Clearly, lying on these beds is risky business! They can have debilitating health effects in both the short and long term.

3. The Masses of Misinformation

Healthcare myths abound online.

From penis size theories (more information on this here) to home remedies, there’s no shortage of ideas about what’s physiologically right, wrong, good and proper.

The same goes for myths about tanning and tanning salons.

For example, many people believe a base-tan help protect the body from additional sun exposure. AKA getting a fake tan can be helpful. In actual fact, a tan is a sign of skin damage. You’ve literally cooked yourself in the sun. Social norms may tell us it looks good. But the reality is far different.

Another common myth is the belief that tanning beds are safer because you can control the levels of UV exposure. As we’ve already seen, that simply isn’t the case! Every time you get exposed to these rays you increase your chance of skin cancer.

You may think these beds are safe. But all the evidence points to the contrary.

4. You Age Quicker

People associate a tan with youthful, healthy-looking skin.

It’s equated with sex-appeal, vibrancy, and vitality. As a logical result, they flock to tanning salons in droves in a bid to come across as such. A fake tan is surely better than no tan!

The irony is that over time, tanning beds lead to the degeneration of the skin. Thanks to the UV rays, every minute spent under the light causes damage. You’ve probably seen it around. Older people who’ve spent years in the sun develop a leathery appearance to their skin.

The short term effect might be a cultivated appearance of youth and beauty. But over time you end up speeding up the aging process!

5. It Doesn’t Help with Vitamin D

This one’s another common tanning booth myth!

No, alas, despite what your friends tell you, spending time under UV light won’t correct your vitamin D deficiency! The reason for that is to do with the different types of UV light. These beds only release what’s called UVA light. However, to produce vitamin D your body needs UVB.

If you’re short of vitamin D, be sure to spend time outdoors (taking appropriate skin-care precautions!), adjust your diet, and take supplements if required. Speak to your doctor if you’re at all unsure how to go about it.

6. It’s Addictive

There’s an addictive quality to going to the tanning salon.

Stop and think about your friends who regularly go along to get a tan. You may well observe an obsessiveness they have about it. Just as a drug addict finds it hard to quit a substance, a frequent tanner may find it difficult to stop going to the salon.

You could understand why. After all, there’s often social reinforcement from people telling you how good you look. However, a physiological component exists as well. Indeed, the UV light from tanning beds is known to release endorphins in the body. These make you feel good! They also happen to be addictive.

A growing body of evidence is demonstrating this. Unfortunately, any addiction has the potential to lead to social problems, financial issues, shame, and dependency.

7. You’ll Live Longer

Do yourself a favor and skip the tanning bed next time you’re tempted.

Do so and you’re more likely to enjoy a longer, happier life. After all, using these beds can cause serious injuries and illness. It makes sense that avoiding them can facilitate your longevity!

Every year, thousands of people die from skin cancer. And, a significant proportion of people develop it from tanning beds. Steer clear of them to avoid becoming another statistic.

Time to Skip the Tanning Bed

There you have it: the many reasons to consider giving the tanning bed a miss next time!

We all know how popular it is to have a tan. Almost everyone loves taking on a bronzer complexion whenever they can. It’s a sign (so we tell ourselves) of health, youth, beauty, and vitality. Tanning beds provide a lovely, straightforward key to all of those much-wanted qualities!

Unfortunately, they only door opened by a tanning salon is one to intense, harmful levels of UV rays.

Hopefully, this article has persuaded you to think twice about using them.

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