Three Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

If you’ve just started a new diet, or you are several months into your new health and fitness regime, then it can be very difficult to carry on if you still aren’t losing any weight. There are a variety of reasons that the numbers on the scales are failing to shift, so it’s important that you consider the science behind your weight loss plateau rather than trying to use a crash diet or cutting your calorie intake drastically to get results. Don’t worry; there is a solution to your weight loss woes. Keep these top tips in mind, and you will soon be surprised as you obtain those prized results.

Poor Portion Control

Sure, we all love healthy eating, and it’s important to embrace your new diet and wellness routine, but have you ever considered that you could, in fact, be eating too much? Overeating or eating too much of a particular food group could be slowing down your weight loss journey. If you are struggling, you could try keeping a food journal to monitor your calories and the foods that you eat each day. Healthy meal delivery services, such as Muscle Up Meals, offer a range of delicious and nutritious meals that are carefully measured out. Once you start tracking your portion sizes, you are sure to see results.

Get Enough Sleep

You might be putting all those hours in the gym and eating all the right foods, but the number of hours that you sleep (or fail to) could be slowing your weight loss down. Sleep is essential if you are trying to lose weight, as a lack of it could be affecting your body’s fat cells. Too little shut-eye could even be causing you to gain weight, in addition to making you feel groggy and lethargic when it comes to your gym and workout routine. Take time to slow down and chill out, and don’t forget to catch up on your beauty sleep if you are trying to slim down.

Take Time To Chew

Do you bolt your food, or eat incredibly quickly? Well, failing to take time to chew and digest your food could also be letting you down. If you eat on the go or don’t feel like you take time to enjoy your food, then you need to make some serious changes. Practising mindful eating and appreciating each and every mouthful of your meals means that you are less likely to reach for fried or fatty snacks later in the day. Make sure you sit down, plate up your food and enjoy what you eat, and the pounds will soon fall off.

When it comes to losing weight, a few simple errors in your daily routine could be affecting you obtaining the results that you want. Make sure that you check the size of your portions and take time to chew and enjoy your food. Finally, slow down and make sure that you sleep enough too, to give your body time to refuel and rest.

Photo by TipsTimesAdmin