Current Trends in Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry has undergone some changes over the past decade or so. Patients really have a lot more choices in dental cosmetic procedures. Even the style of dental procedures is going through a changing era. The big new dental products are dental implants. Instead of crowns or extensive veneers, patients are wanting the more natural effects that dental implants give. New technology in dentistry is evolving accepted dental practices. Today’s dental implants are available in acrylic dental implant structures, and the more expensive porcelain implants. More variety in ceramic dental surfaces is offering many more selections.

Since the economy has gone through decline in recent years. Less people are able or willing to pay for expensive cosmetic dental procedures. Many dentists offering this type of dental services have noticed the drop off in more expensive dental treatments. Those that could, eventually had the work completed. Those without dental insurance and higher incomes generally avoided this form of dentistry. Dental implants are in hot demand currently though. The acrylic kind are available at lower prices. Porcelain and ceramic types are very expensive overall. The ceramic materials are much more aesthetically pleasing, and patients find that they function more like natural teeth.

Another big change in dental practices is the advanced use of minimally invasive dental procedures. Dental practices such as Union Square Dental are focusing on these advanced dental surgical techniques. Some dentists familiar with cosmetic dental advances now offer less drastic treatments. Patients are also becoming more familiar with dental expectations. They are less inclined to agree to dental procedures commonly accepted in the past. Patients realize that less tooth needs to be destroyed with many dental crowns, veneers and some implants. They are more likely to seek out dentists and specialists that are experienced in the less tooth damaging procedures.

Dentist now can opt to use digital dentistry technology in their practices. This is especially nice when a patient is planning to have major dental changes in the near future. This type of technology can actually show a patient different scenarios in 3D imaging. More advanced technology systems allow a dentist to input date that translates to a visual representation of the after dental procedures looks. Not all dentists are comfortable with this type of digital dentistry options. Newer dentists are being trained with this equipment. As patients become more knowledgeable regarding dental treatments. They tend to demand more proof of things to expect.

This digital video technology is being used in some dental implant reconstructions. However, many dentists still allow qualified outside lab professionals to handle the end stage implant material construction. Some dentists comfortable with the process, are implementing this technology into their office settings. Most patients do like the visual references. There are still cost considerations that keep these more pricey dental procedures out of the possibilities of many patients. Dental implants are still evolving. What may be available tomorrow might be very different than the available things today.

Dental implants  are beneficial because they look and act more like natural teeth. They are usually not evident to others. The newer ceramics are easier to work with. Since much of these are stronger today, many dentists are offering more white tooth replacement treatments and cosmetic procedures. It is hoped that the high costs of dental implants will continue to decrease. When people get dentures at a younger age, there is an increased risk of jaw bone loss with time. This can eventually change the structure of the person’s facial appearance. For this reason, dental implants are beneficial as they bond with the bone like natural teeth structures. This decreases expected jaw bone loss.

As a sidebar, some dentists are reporting that their patients desire minimal tooth gaps. This was something unheard of in years past. It is likely a result of wanting a more natural appearance. With movie stars and other celebrities constantly changing their natural appearance, many people are a bit turned off by the alarming rate of plastic surgeries and cosmetic dentistry fixes. These trends do tend to change over time. It is an exciting time to be in the dental field. Rapid changes are broadening the effects that cosmetic dentistry and dental implants can achieve.

It is expected that the expansion of new dental technology, cosmetic treatments and procedures and implant dentistry will continue to morph as new techniques are discovered. One thing is sure, cosmetic dentistry now promises to be a new frontier in dental specialties. Dental patients are not as quick to simply agree to a dental procedure without a full explanation. This increased wariness is likely a sign of more patient interest in their own health overall. Most healthcare offices offer a computer information portal for patient use. Dentistry will change with new developments.