Top 10 Benefits and Risks of E-Cigarettes

E Health Cigarettes will provide you with great flavors all around. These are made with some simple designs and flavors that are easy to enjoy. You can get more out of your smoking with this, especially since the risk is minimal.

But you should watch for a few important points of E Health Cigrarette. These relate to the risks that may come with using these e-cigarettes.


  1. This works well for those who might have struggled to quit smoking through traditional measures.
  2. An e health cigarette will not contain the same health risks that other regular cigarettes might feature.
  3. These do not cause significant breathing difficulties in those who use them.
  4. Less litter is produced by an electric cigarette. This is thanks to there being no ashes produced.
  5. There is very little risk of extensive odors spreading and being produced while using one of these cigarettes.
  6. The fire risk associated with one of these cigarettes will be minimal when compared with more traditional cigarettes.
  7. People enjoy e health cigarettes for how they come in many flavors that suit their desires.
  8. These cigarettes are available with many strengths in mind. These are vital for those who are aiming to quit smoking but have dealt with dependencies in many forms.
  9. It is very easy to use one of these cigarettes. It works in a manner similar to what you would get out of a traditional cigarette.
  10. The potential cost to get one of these cigarettes is much lower than that of what it costs to get a traditional cigarette.


  1. Such cigarettes are still to be used habitually just like with regular cigarettes.
  2. Some nicotine is still found in electronic cigarettes. The nicotine total might not be as great as it is in traditional ones, but it is still a risk.
  3. The scents that are produced by these cigarettes are not going to persist for as long as some others, but they will still be tough for some to handle.
  4. The aerosol contents in many of these cigarettes contain heavy metals and other compounds that may still be harmful to one’s body.
  5. Some of the liquids that come in these cigarettes might leak and cause a real mess anywhere. Those liquids could also be harmful to anyone who ingests them.
  6. Although the electronic cigarette is not as dangerous, it is still something that a person might habitually use on a regular basis. A person who uses such a cigarette will still feel a habit or need to smoke regularly without any real changes.
  7. People often use them alongside traditional cigarettes, thus making them ineffective.
  8. A charging unit or battery could still burst or break apart, thus causing possible damages.
  9. Sometimes the costs of using these cigarettes will add up due to the need to keep getting cartridges that might be tough to find in some places shipped out to one’s address.
  10. These cigarettes are relatively new on the market. As a result, there is not enough information available on them just yet to give people a sure idea of how they work and whether or not they are truly beneficial or worth using.