Top 7 benefits of HCG injections

I guess you’re here because you’ve heard of HCG injections and probably want to learn more about it. Maybe you are considering starting an HCG diet and want to learn what benefits you can expect right?

A brief history of HCG weight-loss protocol

Today the weight-loss-protocol is growing in popularity due to its application as a wonder weight loss dieting regimen. First, HCG stands for – human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) – a hormone produced by pregnant women. So don’t be surprised hearing someone call hcg the “pregnancy hormone.”

In the 50’s an endocrinologist, happened to notice an oddity when most of his patients when administered with the hormone. They reported suppressed desire to eat, and overtime loss weight. His interest was piqued and decided to investigate – the result is this weight-loss-protocol we have today.

How it works

Hcg is pro-hormone which means it encourages the production of other hormones in the body. When injected directly into the bloodstream; it triggers the brain to secret lipids – a hunger inhibiting hormone.

Now, this is the exciting part of the process – with the craving to eat gone, your body uses the stored fat for its energy; burning off as much as one pound of fat a day.

If you’re seeking to lose weight and I guess this is why people are excited about it – you can eat as little as 500 calories of healthy meal a day without going bananas – you wouldn’t feel starved and all those self-defeating food cravings gone.

Incredible right? Here’re even more benefits to getting you pumped up:

A painless, quick way to lose weight: you don’t have to sweat and grind in the gym to see results. With a shot of the hormone and following the strict diet plan, you’re sure of seeing some changes in as little as one or two days.

Lower cholesterol: with weight loss come the other benefits such as reduction in blood cholesterol level. This also has an added advantage of cutting the odds of heart-related ailments.

Healthy body weight distribution: Once you inject yourself with HCG, it instructs the body to burn off excess fats in the right places. This means you’d see yourself shedding some fats around your arms, neck, mid-section, and the butts resulting in a well-proportioned body with evenly distributed weight.

Increased libido: human chorionic gonadotropin encourages hormonal balance in the body – which also involves the release of sexual endocrines such as testosterone in the body.

Reduced risk of erectile dysfunction: since hcg injections play a vital role in maintaining a healthy level of testosterone in the body – it is also safe to infer that it helps in reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Improved endurance and performance: Lowered and optimal body weight means easier breathing; hence you’re able to work far harder and longer than you used to without tiring out quickly.

Muscle retention due to a low-calorie diet: Most low-calorie diet plans fail because of the loss of muscle mass – and this could lead to low metabolism, and then weight gain. But, HCG helps restrict muscle mass loss due to low calorie helping you to attain your weight loss goals.

Final thoughts

Losing weight is quite a difficult task, but with human chorionic gonadotropin, you have a safe, easy and quick way of getting rid of those stubborn fats. Taking hcg injections is the accepted method of administering the hormone.

However, you’re advised to seek your doctor’s advice before going on a diet.

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