Top 8 Reasons to Choose Home Care For Your Loved One

Give anyone the choice of recuperating at home or in the hospital and the majority will choose the familiar surroundings of their own home.

Research has shown that the comfort and security patients will enjoy at home can affect their recovery process. There are a lot of people who juggle the demands of their job, the home, children and caring for a loved one who is ill, aging or disabled.

Successfully managing all of these at the same time can be demanding and overwhelming. The demand and pressures of providing care along with other responsibilities can result in caregiver burnout. When the caregiver is trying to do more than they are able to do, it causes a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion.

Home or private nursing care such as this gives patient the opportunity to receive treatment at their home, under the guidance and supervision of a qualified medical practitioner.

Below are just a few reasons why you should choose a Care for me private home care for your loved one.

  • Little or no time spent in hospital: No one enjoys staying in a hospital; most people will tell you that being inside or around a hospital make them feel nervous and helpless. Nothing beats the comfort and familiarity that the home offers.

Choosing a home care service for your loved one will result in their spending very little time in the hospital. It allows the patient to recover in the comfort and security of their own home, surrounded by neighbors they have known for years, where they hold fond memories and where friends and families are always close by.

It also delays the need to place an elderly or sick loved one in a care facility. Apart from the cost saving advantage, there is also the psychological advantage associated with being in familiar surroundings. These can help their stability or recovery process in a big way.

  • Support of family and friends: Unlike in a hospital where family members and friends are only allowed to see a patient during visiting hours, having your loved one recover at home enables him or her enjoy the full support and care of family members and friends.

The whole family is actively involved in the care and recovery process. Seeing familiar faces all the time will help the patient overcome feelings of loneliness and let them know that they are not alone in their predicament.

  • Personal Independence: Patients undergoing home care enjoy more independence than hospital bound patients. They get to receive the same medical care while not having to go through the stringent regime and restricted controls that hospitals are known for. It allows the individual have control over the care they will receive and how they will receive it.  

Home care allows a patient to enjoy home luxuries such as choice of TV channel, privacy, mobility and other home comforts. They also have a lot of control over their personal activities. They can make their own choices of what they want to do during each day. Patients at home are more likely to engage in as much of their usual day to day activities as their health permits. They can remain productive and so happier.

    • Higher Morale: Studies have shown that patients enjoy a higher morale when they heal in their home than in a hospital bed. A combination of familiar and friendly faces, familiar surroundings and normal activities boosts morale and helps speedup the healing process.
  • Personalized care: When your loved one is cared for at home, he or she receives one on one attention. The care giver’s attention is not distracted by buzzers, alarms or the demands of other patients. Instead of trying to adapt to schedules and routines of a hospital or care facility, your loved one will receive special undivided attention.

Whether your loved one needs care for only a few hours in a day while you do your daily activities, or you require full time care for him or her, the treatment and care process is personalized and tailored to their need only. According to the Cleveland Clinical Journal a person who is seen by a physician in the comfort of their home more readily trusts that the health care team places their needs first. Personalized care also means it is easier to bring in, for example, a personal nutritionist that will be there every step of the way.

    • It is safe: Home care is safe. Risks and infections are minimized for patients that are treated in their own home.  Research has shown that when home care is provided, especially to individuals with severe conditions such a pneumonia, diabetes or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); clinical results are comparable and sometimes better with fewer complications.

      It also has the added advantage of giving you peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about what might go wrong when you are not around, and the fear of your loved one falling or getting injured is removed as there will always be a care giver around taking good care of them.
    • It is less expensive: If your loved one has to stay in the hospital for a long time, you will end up spending a good amount of money. Home care is a cheaper alternative for a lengthy hospitalization. You don’t have to pay for food, accommodation or other services that you can get at your own home.
  • Home care can decrease the need for urgent care and prevent re-hospitalization: Because there is someone taking good care of your loved one, there is no need for constant visit to the hospital during the recovery process or care period. Maybe once in a while, you might need to get to the hospital for examinations, but basically, the whole care will be done in the house.

Home health care is just the support families need to help care for their loved ones, manage care giving responsibilities while avoiding caregiver burnout. A good home care agency will carry out a complete appraisal of the patient, the case and the home before taking up the job in order to be able to give the best possible care to the patient.