Treating nerve pain with CBD

Nerve pain can become one of the most painful feelings that anyone can experience, especially in the foot. It’s mainly caused by excessive pressure applied to a certain area and it can cause pain which ranges from mild to an extreme level where surgery might be needed.

Everyone has been trying to find remedies for this common problem through medicines and essential oils. Another method for this is through using CBD oil, with this product becoming a new trend due to its various health benefits that it’s able to give. 

People have now been looking into how it’s able to treat pain, especially nerve pain. Here we’ll talk about how it’s able to treat nerve pain in the foot and the other benefits that CBD can offer.

What Causes Nerve Pain in the Feet?

Nerve pain in the feet usually happens due to Peripheral Neuropathy which is when nerves outside the brain are damaged. This part of the body is responsible for sending information from your brain and spinal cord to the rest of your body.

This often causes weakness in the areas affected by the nerve and can cause mild to high levels of pain. 

Nerve pain is usually the result of various problems that can range from traumatic injuries, infection, and exposure from certain toxins. Although one of the most well-known causes of peripheral neuropathy is diabetes.

Treating Nerve Pain With CBD

CBD Oil is well known for its various properties that are able to give out a lot of health benefits to the body. The product, CBD, is one of the most abundant compounds found in the marijuana plant and has been used by people due to how versatile it is. There have already been various CBD companies that have made it readily available to use.

Studies have shown that using CBD for patients who are suffering from neuropathy can have vast positive benefits to them. The product is quite potent with anti-inflammatory properties which is able to treat the swelling and inflammation that occurs from nerve pain.

What’s great about this is that it’s able to become an alternative form using prescription drugs as it has little to no side-effects and it costs less.

How to Use CBD Oil for Nerve Pain

CBD Oil can be applied in various ways from rubbing it on the skin to ingesting it directly to the mouth. Though most people usually apply it under the tongue and let the body absorb it from there. This will usually take a few minutes to happen so wait for a while before applying more dose.

People tend to apply huge dosages for their first time especially when they’re still new to using CBD Oil. It’s best to apply it slowly and wait for it to kick in. CBD Oil is a concentrate of CBD so small dosages are already able to have huge effects on the body.

Side Effects When Using CBD

Although CBD is already considered safe to use, some people who are quite weak when it comes to using the drug can experience minor side effects from it. They’ll usually experience nausea, dizziness, vomiting, or even diarrhea. 

CBD Oil can also affect other medications so ask your doctor, before using the product.


Treating nerve pain in the foot with CBD can be a better method compared to other prescription drugs as you’re completely safe from any harmful side-effects. If you want to know what’s the best CBD Oil for your nervous system check here.