Vacation Rental Photography: Showcasing Your Property’s Best Features

The vacation rental business requires a lot of marketing to succeed. Therefore, professional photography is the best way to showcase it on digital platforms such as social media websites, advertising websites, and listing platforms.

Are you looking to showcase your property’s best features? Of course you are. This is a great opportunity to tell potential guests what they will experience when they book. So, how do you go about it? This article will tell you more.

Clean and Make the Property Neat

Before taking any photos of a rental property, it is best to clean every area and make everything neat. This means making the bed, laying the carpet, folding throw blankets, arranging the kitchen appliances, and replenishing all of the needed amenities such as toiletries.

If you are not using a rental property management company that can clean your property professionally, hire a reputable cleaning company before the photo shoot session.

Repair and Upgrade

It is good to showcase the superior features of your rental property. Before the photography session, you should repair worn-out areas and upgrade furnishings that need upgrading. However, this does not have to be expensive since rental management companies can help you plan and execute all repair work and upgrades.

Some upgrades that you can do include buying throw pillows for the sofas, changing the kitchen appliances to newer ones, repainting walls, and the like. This effort will highly elevate your property.

Hire a Professional Photography Company

Rental property photography should be done by a professional photography company that knows how to capture the best features and edit them professionally for digital marketing and listing. Here is what a professional photographer does to highlight the best features.

  •       Uses a high-quality camera – A good camera means everything when it comes to highlighting the features of a property. Modern photography cameras have different lenses used to capture every needed detail.
  •       Uses the perfect lighting – Lighting can make a difference during photography. Professional photographers use recommended lighting tools and set them appropriately to capture all details. This is just what your property needs.
  •       Bring professionalism – Apart from photography equipment, the professionalism of capturing the right angles, details, and ambiance is very important. If you want all photos of your vacation rental properties to stand out, work with a professional photographer.
  •       Professional editing – Finally, all the rental property features are best highlighted through professional editing. This stage removes faults and improves the overall look of the photos. They also compress the property photos accordingly, especially when many have to be uploaded at once.

Liaise with Listing and Hosting Platforms

When the photography has been done successfully, it is time to update the listing and hosting platforms. You should know how to contact Airbnb, iGMS, Expedia, or any other platform that you use to list and manage your vacation rental properties. They will then update your data so that potential customers can see the new photos with new features.


Vacation rental photography is a process, and it requires the right steps and input of a professional to succeed. This article has just provided a guide on how to go about this. Now that you know, it is time to do the right thing.