Ways to Expand Your Massage Therapy Business

When it comes to health and wellness, more people are turning to alternative and holistic approaches like massage therapy. If you happen to own a massage parlor, then capitalizing on this new trend would be in your best interest. It provides you with an opportunity to reach wider audiences while also increasing your earnings. As this is a win-win situation for you, let’s look at some ways you can expand your massage therapy business.

Go Mobile

You can expand your demographics and target audience by going mobile. This means, instead of having your clients come to your shop, you’d schedule appointments to visit them at their home. It saves them time and provides another layer of comfort seeing as how they can get a massage in a space they’re comfortable with. You’ll need to invest in a few things including reflective stickers for your car to advertise your services and contact information, portable massage chairs and/or tables, linens, and oils. Adding this service to your company website will most certainly draw attention.

Learn a New Skill

There are several techniques you could learn as a massage therapist. These additional techniques would again allow you to expand your audience and your revenue. If you’re familiar with more traditional or classic techniques, consider taking courses to learn pregnancy massages, hot stone, Swedish, and sports massage to name a few. As you’ve mastered each technique advertise them on your website, social media, and email campaigns to bring in new business.

Sell Wellness Products

What better way to improve the well-being of your clients than to offer them the opportunity to purchase the products you use every day to support good health? You can sell wellness products online or in your shop. In fact, adding these products online provides clients (including your mobile clients) with a means to purchase wellness products whenever it’s convenient for them. There is a lot you can consider like supplements, lotions, creams, essential oils, scented candles, and more. Generally, anything that can be tied to health and beauty can be sold from your salon for increased revenue.

Offer Discounts

If there’s one thing that every consumer likes it’s a discount. If you want to bring in new business or appeal to existing clients, offering a discount is the way to go. You can give percentages or flat rates off your services. Advertising these promotional offers through social media can actually help you increase your following while bringing in a few extra dollars.

Referral Programs

Another way to get new business in the door is to ask your existing clients to spread the word for you. You can suggest giving existing clients a discount on their next visit if they refer you a new, paying client. This can generate a lot of leads if nothing else and won’t cost you too much.


If discounts don’t work, getting something free will. Instead of offering to take a percentage off your services, you could offer a free gift to all clients who reserve a massage within a predetermined period of time. You don’t have to give out free massages either. You can instead give them a free scented candle, body scrub, or lotion with their visit. This not only gets more customers in your shop but can be a great “hook” for encouraging them to purchase other wellness products you offer.


Sometimes, the best way to get more people to visit your business is to network with other businesses within the health and wellness industry. Try visiting local doctor’s offices, nail salons, hair salons, gyms, and whatever else you can think of. Ask if you can leave promotional materials behind to try to attract new business. You might suggest an incentive to get the employees to recommend your services to others such as free products or discounts on their visits. Now, doctors, personal trainers, hairstylist, and nail techs are telling their clients who they’ve developed a relationship with about your brand which increases the chances of them actually scheduling an appointment.

Your massage therapy business can grow as far as your imagination will take you as long as you have a plan. The above-mentioned ideas are all very efficient and proven ways to increase leads, expand audiences, and generate more sales. Whether you try one, two, or all the options listed above, you’ll soon find yourself booked with an influx of clients. Happy healing.