What Is in a Myers Cocktail?

Did you know that the Myers cocktail has been used in the healthcare industry since 1960?

For people looking to cure their Sunday morning hangover, tired skin, or even boost their immune system, a Myers cocktail IV has been one of the most sought after wellness treatments on the market.

However, what are the ingredients in a Myers cocktail to make it such an effective treatment for its health-boosting properties? If you’re interested in learning more about what a Myers cocktail is, we’ve created a complete guide to help you better understand. 

What Is a Myers Cocktail?

A Myers cocktail was invented by Dr. John Myers to use as an intravenous infusion to treat symptoms of fibromyalgia, migraines, chronic fatigue, and other chronic conditions. Later on, the Myers cocktail was also used to treat short term elements, such as hangovers and colds.

What Is in a Standard Myers Cocktail? 

A Myers cocktail IV therapy contains a mixture of vitamin B 12, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, vitamin B five, vitamin B six, calcium, and magnesium.

A Myers cocktail works by increasing the levels of essential vitamins found in your blood. By entering these vitamins and minerals into the body through the veins will be better absorbed than when you take a supplement orally. 

A Myers cocktail can be used if you are:

  • Having digestive problems
  • Looking to have a chronic condition treated
  • Boosting your immune system
  • Fight against infection
  • Energize your body
  • Fight against chronic exhaustion

Many patients report that they feel energetic after receiving a Myers cocktail. If you’re looking to treat a chronic condition, make sure that you talk with your primary physician before undergoing a Myers cocktail IV.

What Happens When You Get a Myers Cocktail Drip?

A Myers cocktail drip is a legitimate medical procedure. This means only qualified medical professionals should perform this type of IV therapy.

Before scheduling a Myers cocktail appointment, make sure that you see a licensed professional for your vitamin drip therapy session.

A vitamin drip therapy session will be customized to your specific patient needs. The ingredients of the cocktail will be administered into your body as an intravenous drip, which will typically be entered into your forearm.

While you’re going through your IV drip therapy session, you can choose to close your eyes and rest, watch a TV show, or read a book. Just make sure that you’re only participating in calm activities that you can do while in a stable position.

Understanding the Benefits of a Myers Cocktail

By understanding the ingredients that are used to make a Myers cocktail, you’ll have a better understanding of how you can use this treatment to boost your overall health. Keep in mind that you should only hire a licensed medical professional to perform a Myers cocktail session.

Are you interested in learning more about other medical treatments that you can receive to boost your well-being? Check out our blog for more.