What is the Best Full Body 3D Scanner? 9 Great Options

If you’ve never heard of the phrase 3D avatar, you’re not alone. A 3D avatar is also known as a 3D model of your exact body shape with data integrated like body measurements, posture analysis, etc. A 3D body scanner captures the 3D model.

There are many multifunctional full-body 3D scanners on the market. You can usually adapt a full-body 3D scanner to fit the application range you need. The application uses for a full-body 3D scanner include the field of medicine, archeology, reverse engineering, and more. 

Read on to learn more about the nine best full-body 3D scanners. 3D scanners are revolutionizing multiple industries with their ability to pick up thousands of data points that help provide a more thorough holistic picture of any scanned object. 

Full Body 3D Scanner

The best place to start to understand better the nine best full-body 3D scanners is to review its most accurate definition. A 3D scanner is a non-contact, non-destructive technology that’s capable of capturing the shape of physical objects using laser light lines. The laser light lines create what’s called, point clouds of data from the surface of the object.

3D full-body scanners can capture the exact size and shape of an object as a digital 3-dimensional representation. That means 3D laser scanning is perfect for capturing massive amounts of data from various surfaces with complex geometries like a human body or underneath an archeological site. This article will be going over not only the nine best full-body 3D scanners, but it’s applicable uses and why the technology is so revolutionary and beneficial in almost all industries.

#1 The EinScan Pro 2X Series

The EinScan Pro 2X Series was created by a company that’s considered to be a pioneer in the 3D scanner technology industry. This scanner is considered to be one that scans extremely well using 3D technology. It is an extremely versatile 3D scanner, and the scanner can be used as a handheld or in fixed mode. 

An added benefit with this scanner is you only pay for the features you need, so it’s pricing meets its value factor. The EinScan Pro 2X Series also provides consumers with user-friendly software that’s relatively straightforward. It has one flaw that many scanners have, and that is it struggles with hair, shiny objects, and any dark surface. 

#2 TC2 Labs TC2-21B

The TC2 Labs TC2-21B came out in 2020. It provides unprecedented scanning speed and can produce a full-body scan in one second with data points captured and processed in less than nine seconds. The data points include the avatar creation with the measurements extracted.

This scanner is a go-to in the medical research and diagnostic field. The scanner is often integrated with changing room and touchscreen interface so that the entire scanning process can be done optimally by the user without a lot of operator intervention. 

#3 Artec Shapify Booth

Many people in the 3D industry world have heard about the Artec 3D Scanner. The Artec Shapify Booth scanner is the newest version that provides a four wide-angle 3D image around the person. It can capture all essential angles of the person in only twelve seconds. 

The scanner is so user-friendly people can use it as a personalized 3D selfie. Not only does it provide a personalized 3D selfie, but it also can be printed in 3D in only fifteen minutes. There aren’t many U.S. and U.K. tourist spots that don’t have a 3D Shapify available for use, which results in more people becoming aware of the technology. 

#4 Artec Eva

The Artec Eva needs no calibration, which means it’s capable of producing robust scan quality with little to no human interfacing. You use Artec Eva, much like you use a video camera. It’s a mobile 3D scanner, and it’s often used in the most challenging objects to capture, which is often the human being. 

One of the best benefits of the Artec Eva is it keeps the original colors and textures of the 3D scan object, which makes it very real-life. The fashion industry loves the Artec Eva for that very reason and often uses it for clothes scanning purposes. 

#5 Naked Labs Full Body Scanner

Naked Labs Full Body Scanner is often put on the top ten 3D full-body scanners because it’s one of the first ones that can be used as an at-home appliance. Because it made for at-home use, it has one of the simplest set-ups of all 3D full-body scanner. You have what looks like a bathroom scale platform that sits in front of a full-length mirror.

The scale starts rotating, so the scanner’s cameras capture you at every angle. You then use the data points you collect about yourself for fitness purposes, personalized clothing, etc. It’s a great tool to have at a reasonable price if you don’t have a personal fitness coach or clothes shopper. 

#6 The Vectra XT 3D Body Scanner

The Vectra XT 3D body scanner is manufactured by Canfield, who has been a manufacturer for over twenty years in the U.S. This may be one of the most sophisticated 3D body scanners but also provides some of the most extensive ranges of uses. The body scanner has a motorized lift, which allows for a 3D imaging solution that adjusts to the patient’s height.

The body scanner also provides a Dell computer with a flat panel display with on-board modular and intelligent flash units. You can add software to this 3D scanner that best fits your industry needs. Many plastic surgeon professionals use it for Breast Sculpting, Face Sculpting, and more. 

#7 SOL 3D Scanner by Scan Dimension

This lightweight laser scanner is versatile and provides very precise accuracy at a reasonable price. It only weighs seven pounds and can scan items that weigh up to 2kg. This makes it very useful in educational settings. What’s more, you can receive a 360-degree view of your 3D scanning object and share the scans on any social media platform you choose. 

The versatility of applicable uses is what makes this scanner so well suited in education like STEM courses or in medical school. The students can export their scans as an OBJ or STL file and import it into a 3D slicer, which makes it a bit more challenging to use. 


Telmat’s Symcad III is perfect to use for 3D body measurements for custom fashion applications. It uses a near-infrared structured light called the Near-IR structured light. This light has at least sixteen sensors, if not more.

It can also capture a full-body image in less than 1.5 seconds and has a module available that allows for hand or foot 3D scanning. 

#9 Peel 3D Peel 1

The last of the top nine 3D body scanner is known for its ability to scan dark flat spaces or shiny surfaces. What’s more, it provides this unique feature at a comparable price range of other 3D body scanner models that can’t offer this ability. The scanner also has a unique banana-like shape that allows you to point it at an object and scan it with little to no preparation needed. 

The scanner has a LED system that generates structured light, and it’s considered safer to use than other comparable laser-based systems. Its accuracy level comes in at 0.25 mm with a volume accuracy level of 0.5 mm. Unfortunately, its base resolution is only 0.5 mm, but because it’s so affordable, it’s still cost-effective for many personal and professional purposes. 

The 3D Body Scanner Right for You

The 3D body scanner has so many uses in various professions, and in personal uses, the only person who knows what meets their needs best is you. The criteria you want to use to determine which 3D body scanning technology provides the best fit for your needs to be broken down into categories. You may want to ask yourself if you need a stationary or a mobile handheld scanner.

Some of these categories include but aren’t limited to:

  • The industry or field you’ll be using the scanner
  • The objects you’ll be scanning and why
  • The distance and dimension of the objects you’ll be scanning
  • The surface of the object (i.e., dark and flat or angled and light)

Finally, you want to determine the required resolution you need for the object. That means asking yourself how much resolution is needed for you to effectively and efficiently get the 3D job completed?

The Scanning Machine Possibilities

A full-body 3D scanner usually requires a person being able to hold a pose for a few seconds. The 3D capture process has the person either standing or on a rotating turntable in most cases. So whether or not you want to provide a closed 3D body scanning booth that has the 3D scanner in a closed cabin fitted with cameras is up to your professional or personal need.

Many times professional industries prefer the full-body 3D scanners that have a rotating platform as a vertical unit. That’s because the 3D model you receive is one that includes all 360 degrees of angles. In the end its the 3D scanner’s software that reconstructs the final 3D avatar model by stitching the images together.

You have an endless variety of 3D full-body scanners to choose from but remember to match your angle, color, texture, and object need with the scanner that fits your criteria and price range.