What Should I Do If My Child Sustains Concussion In a Car Accident

When your child is involved in a road accident, you might be quick to judge the intensity of the injuries by physical observation. However, the child might have suffered internal injuries that need a doctor’s expertise to diagnose.

One such injury is a concussion, a traumatic brain injury caused by a sudden intensive blow to the head.

After an accident, it is not uncommon for concussion signs to start showing up later on. Interestingly, concussion symptoms may take several hours or even days before they begin to show. That is why you need to take these steps if your child has been involved in a car accident:

Rush the Child to Hospital for Treatment

A young child involved in an accident may not be in a good position to explain where they feel pain. Many guardians rush to trace the physical injuries and assume everything else is alright.

However, an intensive blow on the head can lead to jolting of the brain or cause it to spin around the skull. As a result, the victim’s brain may cease to function well, and sometimes they may experience loss of equilibrium and disturbed vision, which are signs of a concussion.

That’s why you need to take your child to the hospital immediately after an accident, even if there are no visible injuries. In most cases, the doctor will test the child’s cognitive response and, if need be, run CT scans to detect possible brain injuries.

Ensure the Child Gets Enough Rest During Recovery

After seeking treatment for the child, it is crucial to ensure that the child gets enough rest. During the recovery period, do not let your child participate in active sports events, play outside with others, or engage in heavy work that could impact the head, increasing the chances of another concussion occurring.

While it is not easy for your child to stay indoors with no physical injury, you must explain to them the need for staying inactive for as long as the doctor recommends.

Take the Child Back to the Hospital for Regular Checkups

A concussion is a serious issue and should be taken delicately as any other brain injury. During the recovery, be keen to ensure that you take the child back to the hospital for regular checkups.

However, checkups will depend on the severity of the injury. If the recovery process is proceeding smoothly, checkups are less urgent.

Seek Legal Compensation

The concussion treatment process for your child might leave you destitute as it is quite costly. “Those who suffer a concussion or other injuries following a car accident caused by someone else have a right to pursue compensation for all resulting damages,” says personal injury attorney Felix Gonzalez.

However, you must engage a skilled personal injury lawyer to help you establish liability, handle settlement negotiations, and represent you in court if it comes to that. Having the right lawyer will help you focus on your child’s recovery as your attorney does the hard work to ensure you get the rightful compensation.