What You Should Know About Antiviral Products – Safe Spray and Safe Sweets to Get out of Lockdown Hell

The scientific approach to protecting against the coronavirus is presented by D3-science.

You can prevent coronavirus infections and other seasonal viruses by washing your hands with soap and water. In case this option isn’t available, public health experts say antiviral products are a good alternative and can provide you with good protection.

However, the big question lies in whether antiviral products can be effective in eradicating harmful germs like the coronavirus. Listed below are some things you ought to know about antiviral protection.

You can kill germs using a hand sanitizer but not clean hands

Infection-preventing soap and water works by removing germs, not killing them. Their effectiveness relies on how handwashing is performed.

When you rub and scrub soap between your fingers and palms, you create friction that will break down the microorganism structure and loosen the bacteria from the skin. When you place your hands under water to rinse them, the water washes away all the germs and bacteria.

Generally, alcohol-based hand sanitizers kill most germs on the skin easily. Scientists suspect hand sanitizer does kill the coronavirus, but it is less effective at killing some other strong germs.

In addition, hand sanitizers do not work as well on hands that are visibly dirty every day or that have been subjected to excessive amounts of grease, and they may not be effective in removing dangerous chemicals like pesticides and heavy metals like lead.

When the choice is between soap and water, sanitizer usually wins out.

Because handwashing, when adequately performed, does a better job of getting rid of germs and grime, soft hand sanitizers are meant to act as a backup to the soap and water combination. Use hand sanitizer if you do not have access to a sink and some clean water or clean tissues.

Hand sanitizer is often the recommended choice during certain situations, such as before and after spending time with your friends and loved ones in a hospital or nursing home. An ounce of hand sanitizer on your way in and out will lessen the chance you’ll introduce or bring a dangerous bug with you. Whenever you encounter someone whose immune system is compromised, it’s good idea to always keep your hands clean.

Antiviral products are not all the same

Generally speaking, 90% percent of disease-causing germs can be killed by sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol. Anything less may not be as effective for reducing the spread of germs and may not stop germs entirely.

Hand Cream Pump

Sanitizers are typically harsh on the skin, which is why if your skin is sensitive, consider the Safe Skin hand cream that will moisture your hands and keep you safe from germs.

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