What’s the Deal with Windows

It may come as a surprise, but windows are one of the most valuable aspects of a home.  They are critical to energy efficiency, and choosing the right windows can have a big impact on cost and carbon footprint and your health

Improving technology has led to improved windows, such as Energy Star’s vinyl windows.  These windows include three panes of insulating glass that protects consumers from harmful UV rays and help maintain a constant temperature within a home.  These qualities matter to people, with 73% of modern buyers preferring windows with three insulated panes. 

Using efficient windows can save up to $465 per year.  Windows have such a stark impact on costs because they regulate temperature.  Heating and cooling make up 43% of a home utility bill, so any items that can reduce heating and cooling needs can make a significant dent in spendings. 

Additionally, vinyl windows help the planet.  Replacing single-pane windows saves 1,006-6,205 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, which is the equivalent of 51-317 gallons of gasoline a year.  The more people who switch to three-pane windows, the greater the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. 

Vinyl windows have other benefits as well, such as increased home value, UV protection, and tax credit opportunities.  Consider reaching out to Window Nation, a company specializing in the installment of efficient windows, if you are interested in making a switch.  It may seem like a small change, but new windows can make a big difference.

The Value of Windows
Source: WindowNation.com