Having large breasts that are disproportionate with your body can often be a cause for concern. In women, large breasts can even pose serious, long-term health risks (back aches, shoulder aches, etc). If your family has a history of larger breasts which may limit your mobility and physical activity, or you suffer from any form of neck or back pain because of your breasts, then you should consider getting a breast reduction. 

What is a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery or what is known as reduction mammoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical; procedure (operation) performed to reduce the weight and size of enlarged breasts, and helping to form a more beautiful breast contour that is better conformed and proportionate with a woman’s body or to provide back and shoulder discomfort that accompanies em;arged breast.. 

During a breast reduction procedure, a cosmetic surgeon removes excess fat, tissue, and sagging, stretching skin from the breasts to make them smaller and more firm. Breast reduction also improves breast symmetry and reduces or eliminates saggy breasts.While breast reduction procedures are often performed on women, men with conditions such as gynecomastia (abnormally enlarged breasts in men) may also get a breast reduction.

Breast reduction is considered an invasive procedure with many risks, yet has numerous health benefits and a  relatively short recovery period. And while it may be invasive, it is one of the most popular surgeries performed. Here are five reasons why a breast reduction may be necessary:

  • Pain and other complications: If you have enlarged, heavy breasts causing you discomfort, numbness, neck or back pain, or even taking a huge toll on your posture, it’s maybe time to start planning towards getting a breast reduction. Women who have undergone breast reduction procedures often testify to living healthier and pain free lives after the operation. Post-operation, patients who go for breast reductions move more freely and enjoy physical activities that once were difficult to participate in. 
  • Sleeping discomfort: Women with large breasts often struggle trying to find a comfortable position to sleep. This often results in sleep deprivation and several other sleeping disorders. However, getting a breast reduction means they can sleep more comfortably, even without a special pillow. Also, sleeping on the belly has been said to be possible with much more comfort after a breast reduction.
  • Active lifestyle and exercise: Having huge breasts often impede an active lifestyle or getting a regular dose of exercise and participating in sports. Another great reason to consider breast reduction is to be able to exercise and enjoy an active lifestyle without the pain, hassle, and discomfort that comes with having larger breasts. 
  • Clothing: People with enlarged breasts often find searching for clothes that fit their breasts perfectly somewhat frustrating. Although many opt for breast reduction to alleviate physical discomfort, complications, and pain, there are others who chose breast reduction because of its cosmetic benefits. With trimmed and toned breasts, your overall body shape becomes more balanced and attractive, and clothes will look better and more elegant on you. Swimsuits, bikinis, and sports bras will fit and feel better, helping to boost your confidence.
  • Unwanted Attention and Self-Esteem Booster: Having large breasts sometimes comes with a lot of unwanted attention. Consequently, it can diminish your self-confidence and social skills. With a breast reduction, you’ll feel more attractive and more comfortable in your clothes.

Breast reduction surgery addresses both the physical and psychological challenges that come with having enlarged, discomforting breasts. Before surgery, you’ll need to consult a surgeon to discuss your medical history in detail, which include daily habits, medication you are taking, and also your family’s medical history. It may also be recommended that you stop using some medications. No matter what, in the end you will be happy with the results.