Why Is A Second Honeymoon A Good Idea?

Do you remember how wonderful your honeymoon was? Do you look back at that time fondly? Does it seem like a million years ago, and could you do with a bit of that old feeling back again? If so, the answer could be found in a second honeymoon. There are many good reasons to book one.

Time Together

If you have kids, you’ll know how stressful it can be taking care of them. If you have a high-pressure job, you’ll know how difficult it is to find time to spend with your spouse. If you have both of these things together, or your life is busy for other reasons, it could be that the spark has left your marriage. Booking a vacation together, just the two of you, can change all of that, and allow you to reconnect with one another. The day to day routines of home can all take their toll on a marriage, so stepping away from it all for a few days or weeks can really make a difference. You’ll reconnect, and remember why you fell in love in the first place. Even simply planning the vacation together can act as a bonding experience – organizing passports, tickets, spending money, where you are going to stay, getting in touch with London Travel Clinic to book your vaccinations, working out an itinerary… it’s fun and is a great start to the second honeymoon.

Reorganize Your Priorities

Having a tight budget, a big rental or mortgage payment, paying for the things your children need, getting to work and more… these are most likely to be the priorities in your life now. They weren’t once, though – you were a priority, and so was your spouse. Taking a second honeymoon is all about going back to an earlier time, and looking at your life now from the outside – you might be able to reorganize everything so that you are less stressed and more focused.

Know One Another Better

In all the time that you have been married, things will have changed. New hobbies will have come and gone, new interests taking the place of old ones. What once was a habit may have been replaced with something else. How well, if you’re completely honest, do you really know your husband and wife? You may think you know them, but is it accurate? Or are you thinking of the person they – and you – used to be? If so, your second honeymoon can be the perfect place to find out more about one another, and discover what is new (and what is still the same).

A Good Example

Taking a second honeymoon can set a good example for your children. It will show them how important it is to work on a marriage, and that it’s essential for you to spend time with your spouse without them – when they are older and have partners of their own, this kind of knowledge may help them. Even if your children don’t like the idea now, it’s best to be ‘selfish’ (it’s not really being selfish at all!) and go all the same – they will get used to the idea, and they will love their more relaxed, happier parents when you get back.