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Why is Hernia Mesh Being Recalled?

One of the most common reasons why someone might need surgery is for something called a hernia. A hernia is diagnosed when an organ tears through a muscular wall that should typically enclose it. A hernia can show up almost anywhere in the body; however, the most common locations for a hernia to appear include the abdomen, the flank, and the hips. If someone has developed a hernia, there are two possible ways that it might be repaired. The first is called an open method, which is done using traditional incisions. The other method is called a laparoscopic or minimally invasive procedure, where cameras are used to facilitate the repair with tiny incisions.

Regardless of how the hernia is repaired, one of the tools the surgeon might use is called hernia mesh. This is a mesh that has been designed to attach to the muscular tissue once the fibers are pulled back together. The mesh is there to reinforce the surgical repair. Unfortunately, there have been some problems with hernia mesh. This has led to hernia mesh recalls, as patients and doctors look for alternatives to many types of hernia mesh. There are a few reasons for these recalls.

The first reason why many of these hernia meshes are being recalled is that there are side effects and complications that were previously unknown stemming from hernia mesh implants. The reason why these side effects appear to be sneaking up on doctors and patients is that they were not adequately tested. Patients count on equipment manufacturers and developers to test their equipment thoroughly before it is ever implanted in patients. Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to have happened. Sometimes, these meshes end up reaching the open market only having been tested on animals, such as rabbits. Letting a hernia mesh reach the open market without having been tested on humans is irresponsible.

The next reason for the hernia mesh recalls is that these complications are incredibly serious and can threaten the safety of patients. In some cases, these complications might even be life-threatening. One of the most common complications of hernia mesh is the development of an infection. An infection might develop when the hernia mesh is implanted or when the hernia mesh erodes through the body’s soft tissue, opening a path for bacteria and viruses. Some of the other infections include chronic pain, nerve damage, and even issues related to childbearing in women. Clearly, these complications are serious and have lead to the filing of multiple hernia mesh lawsuits.

If someone has been diagnosed with a hernia, it is important to speak with the doctor carefully about all the options for repair. Even if hernia mesh is necessary, the doctor needs to make sure the right hernia mesh is used. This is a mesh that has been properly tested nad proven to be both safe and effective in patients. The safety of the patient should always come first. There are always trained professionals willing to help.