Why Taking Classes In Pilates Is The Best Thing For You This 2018

How old are you going to be this year? Thirteen? Twenty? Maybe forty-five? I mean no offense but really, how many more new year’s resolutions are you going to have before you actually make stuff happen? And, I’ll bet a thousand bucks that losing weight and achieving a healthy lifestyle is always at the top of that list.

Bets aside, isn’t it high time you do something for yourself? I’m not talking about buying a new phone, or getting front row tickets to the NBA game. I’m talking about something that actually counts – not just for today but for the future.

Why not consider enrolling yourself in a Pilates’ class? Not next week, month, or year but today. If you have the extra time (and I know you can make the extra time) and the money to get yourself started, I don’t see a reason to postpone your journey to a healthier life. The handful of petty reasons you tell yourself are attempts of procrastination to get the best of you – don’t let it.

To help motivate and mobilize you to start a healthy relationship with your physical and mental health, we took the liberty to jot down three super good reasons why you should start considering taking Pilates classes this 2018.


  • Getting Healthy Is More Fun With Friends


Exercising all alone can leave you drained and exhausted much earlier than you’re supposed to. When you do it in a group, or with a friend, you get more motivated to push yourself more and exceed what you thought was the limit of your body’s capacity (here’s an article  about it). On top of that, you can engage in partner stretches and group routines when you’re surrounded by more people. Doesn’t doing Pilates sound better when you’re a group?


  • You Get To Instill More Discipline And Fight Off Procrastination


When you enroll in a formal Pilates’ class, you’re bound to commit yourself to doing your workout regularly. One, because you’re friends and workout mates will wonder where and what in the world you’re doing skipping the usual rind. And two, you’re paying for each class so you would at least feel an ounce of regret tugging on your chest for wasting good money. Procrastination will still (and always) creep up on you but by enrolling in a Pilates’ class, you can at least fight it off better.

This article published by Forbes show you more ways on how you can instill self-disciple, I believe it’ll help you push yourself better: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jennifercohen/2014/06/18/5-proven-methods-for-gaining-self-discipline/#163277e33c9f


  • A Healthy Body Is Worth More Than A Hundred Paychecks


If work is a factor that hinders you from enrolling to a Pilates’ class, then you might want to reconsider the order of your priorities. Overtime, weekend shifts, and extra loads won’t mean a thing if your body gets busted. Health is wealth – no matter how old and cliché this line is, it’s really true. You can’t do a thing if your body calls it quits. A one hour class, three times a week isn’t going to cost you your career; it may very well improve it.