Women’s Panel at the 4biddenknowledge Conference 2024: Empowering Women in Spirituality, Entrepreneurship, and Holistic Health

The 4biddenknowledge Conference 2024 is excited to announce an inspiring Women’s Panel, hosted by the esteemed Elisabeth Carson. This dynamic session will delve into discussions on spiritual empowerment, entrepreneurial success, and holistic health, featuring renowned speakers Ashley Joi Boyd, Cortney Kane Sides, Kika Wise, and Olivia Ramirez Smith.

Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday, August 3rd, 2024
  • Location: Marriott Biscayne Bay Hotel
  • Cost: $99 (Limited tickets available)
  • Time: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM


  • 8:30 AM – 9:45 AM: Merkabah 13
  • 10:00 AM – 11:15 AM: Mohamed Ibrahim
  • 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM: Robert Grant
  • 12:45 PM – 1:45 PM: Lunch Break
  • 1:45 PM – 3:15 PM: Women’s Panel hosted by Elisabeth Carson, featuring Ashley Joi Boyd, Cortney Kane Sides, Kika Wise, Olivia Ramirez Smith
  • 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM: Billy Carson

Elisabeth Carson, co-host of the podcast “Bio-Hack Your Best Life” and COO at 4biddenknowledge Inc., is a prominent figure in the health and wellness community. With expertise in over 90 holistic modalities, Elisabeth has transformed her traumatic childhood into a journey of empowerment and wellness, inspiring many with her story and techniques for stress management and self-improvement. As the founder of the brand “Bio-Hack Your Best Life” and author of influential books like The Recipe to Elevated Consciousness and co-author of The Mother Earth Effect with Olivia Smith, Elisabeth shares valuable lessons in resilience, spiritual growth, and conscious living. At the 4biddenknowledge Conference, she will lead the women’s panel, guiding discussions on spiritual empowerment, entrepreneurial success, and holistic health. For more information about her work, visit Elisabeth Carson.

Ashley Joi Boyd is a motivational speaker, fitness expert, musician, and celebrated author. With a degree in psychology and a background in sports, Ashley integrates mental resilience and emotional well-being into her holistic approach to health and fitness. Her book, Financially Fly: Mastering Money and Wealth for Women, empowers women with practical steps for personal finance. Ashley’s fitness programs and public speaking engagements are enriched by her music background, using rhythm and movement to enhance overall well-being. At the 4biddenknowledge Conference, Ashley will bring her expertise and vibrant energy to the women’s panel, discussing the intersection of fitness, mental health, and financial literacy to empower women to lead balanced, successful lives.

Kika Wise is the founder of a revolutionary franchising model for pilates studios, blending fitness with business acumen. Her innovative approach has empowered many clients and franchisees, earning her recognition in the wellness industry. Kika’s journey from a single studio owner to a franchising mogul is a testament to her determination and commitment to health and wellness. She is passionate about helping others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and promoting pilates for physical and mental health. At the conference, Kika will share her entrepreneurial insights and experiences, inspiring attendees with her story of success and dedication to wellness and business growth.

Cortney Kane Sides is a spiritual medium, healer, and intuitive coach dedicated to helping others connect with their higher selves and the spiritual realm. Her compassionate approach offers guidance and healing through sessions, workshops, and online content. Cortney’s work focuses on helping individuals navigate their spiritual journeys, understand their intuitive abilities, and find clarity and peace. Her insights into energy healing, mediumship, and spiritual development have made her a trusted advisor for many. At the conference, Cortney will share her wisdom on the women’s panel, offering tools and techniques for spiritual growth and personal healing.

Olivia Ramirez Smith is a holistic health advocate and entrepreneur dedicated to promoting natural wellness and alternative healing methods. As a certified holistic health coach, she has transformed lives through personalized wellness programs focusing on nutrition, mental health, and lifestyle changes. Olivia co-authored The Mother Earth Effect with Elisabeth Carson, exploring the connection between human health and Earth’s natural energies. At the 4biddenknowledge Conference, Olivia will bring her expertise to the women’s panel, discussing holistic health and offering practical advice for incorporating natural wellness practices into daily life.

The Women’s Panel at the 4biddenknowledge Conference 2024 promises to be a powerful and inspiring session. With limited tickets available, don’t miss the opportunity to learn from and engage with these extraordinary women. Secure your spot for this transformative event today!

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit 4biddenknowledge Conference.