Would You Rather Have Perfectly White or Perfect Straight Teeth?

Do you care about other people’s first impressions of you? People say that those with perfect teeth are more successful, smarter and having more dates than everyone else.

Everyone wants to have great teeth. Most people say that if you have crooked teeth, you’re less likely to be asked on a second date or even land a job in an interview.

Nevertheless, what exactly do we mean by perfect teeth? Would you rather have pearly whites or perfect, straight teeth?

Keep reading to help you decide which is better for you. Let’s go!

1. Americans Care About Their Teeth

Many Americans are actually obsessed with their teeth. Apparently, people are so eager to have a great smile when they show their teeth that they’ll even give up on their favorite treats.

At least 39 percent of people say that they would give up desserts for the prize of a better smile.

Around 37 percent of Americans would even give going on vacation for the chance to impress people with their pearly whites.

2. Whiter Teeth is the Answer

Are you self-conscious about your teeth?

You may feel that your teeth look yellow and dirty all the time. This can even cause you to avoid smiling for fear that you might reveal your embarrassing teeth.

Other people actually agree that white teeth matter. Over 38 percent of people believe someone must be smarter if they have whiter teeth.

You can quickly bolster your self-confidence with whiter teeth. You no longer have to simply accept your teeth.

There are a bunch of dental treatments you can receive to whiten your teeth.  

3. White Teeth on a Crooked Smile

White teeth are really important. That can instantly raise your self-esteem and improve your appearance significantly.

Nonetheless, you don’t want whiter teeth on a crooked smile. The number of young Americans who visit an orthodontist has increased over the past decades.

Over 80 percent of American teens visit orthodontists for treatment.

If you’re going to go to the trouble of getting whiter teeth, you should also straighten your smile at the same time. 

4. Why Get Straighter Teeth 

There are also many health benefits of straighter teeth. When you have orthodontic treatment for straighter teeth you’ll also be able to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. 

When your teeth aren’t straight you can aggravate wear and tear of the tooth enamel and cause pain when chewing your food.

When choosing between superwhite teeth or straight teeth, the answer is that you shouldn’t have one without the other. Check out more about the best Invisalign provider for you.

Do You Want Perfect Straight Teeth?

Who wouldn’t want to be able to smile with white and perfectly straight teeth? There are many different dental treatments you can receive to improve your teeth.

If you want to like to discover more about dental and health treatments, you can explore everything you need to know on our website.