10 Essential Men’s Health Tips Men Over 40 Need to Know

Each year after forty brings new signs that you’re getting older. It could be the increasing number of grey hairs you notice in the mirror or the inexplicable ones that start growing in places like your ears.

Or it may be that you don’t have the energy or feel as fit as you once did. Playing hockey with the guys has been replaced with a Netflix marathon with the family or perhaps you pulled a muscle in your back the last time you sneezed.

Your body might realize you’re getting older before you do. And it’s up to you to take better care of your physical and mental health. If not for you then for the loved ones in your life.

Keep reading for the top ten men health tips to keep you looking and feeling better than ever.

1. Prostate Exams

In your forties is a good time to start thinking about your prostate. There are several varying opinions on when you should start getting a prostate exam.

Most medical professionals say somewhere between forty (if you have a family history of prostate issues) and fifty-five as the time to start getting one done. 

This is something you should discuss with your healthcare provider to see when the right time for you to start getting a prostate exam is. 

Recent medical opinions have leaned towards not recommending them after the age of seventy. 

2. Heart Health

You need to be proactive about taking care of your heart. As you get older this becomes even more important.

There are several things you can eat to help promote a healthy heart and reduce your risk of heart disease. Some good choices include:

  • Ginger
  • Tomato Sauces (or just add tomatoes in creative ways to your meal plan)
  • Bananas
  • Eggs (Yolk and all)
  • Whole Foods
  • Olive Oil

Your heart health is one of many reasons to stay hydrated and keep physically active.

3. Eyes, Ears, and Teeth

You may notice some changes in your eyesight and hearing after 40. While many people put off getting their eyes and hearing tested, it is easier to correct a problem with early intervention. 

Having trouble hearing can have a huge impact on every area of your life including employment, social relationships, mental health, and self-esteem.

Difficulty seeing not only affects your life but can be frustrating and at times dangerous. 

You might think that your teeth are not really a health issue but poor dental health can affect every system in the body negatively. It increases the risk of heart issues, infections, kidney, and lymphatic issues and much more. 

4. Water Is Essential

Water is important for more than just your heart and digestive system.

Your epithelial system (skin), kidneys, lymphatic and endocrine systems, muscles, joints, respiratory, brain, and nervous system are all affected negatively if you become even slightly dehydrated.

Serious dehydration can cause delirium, muscle cramps, mood swings, headaches, rapid heartbeat and can even lead to death.

5. Be Physically Active

No matter what age you are physical activity is essential to a healthy and happy life. It can be a natural way to lower your risk of several conditions. 

Some conditions it may help or even reduce the risk of developing:

  • Heart attack and stroke
  • Sexual Dysfunction or lowered libido
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions
  • Cancer
  • Dementia

Physical also promotes healthier and stronger bones, muscles, respiratory and heart systems. 

6. Watch What You Eat

This doesn’t mean to keep an eye on the fork as it makes its way to your mouth while you eat your third piece of chocolate cake. This means to make wise decisions when it comes to what you put in your body.

Alcohol might be on the list if you find a beer belly developing with each happy hour. Or many over forty realize they can’t eat the same foods without being up all night looking for heartburn and intestinal relief. There are some foods you may reconsider consuming for the good of your health.

7. Know and Work to Lower Risk Factors

Knowledge is power so it’s important that you get some expert advice and learn how to live the healthiest life possible. There are clinics designed specifically for men’s health. 

Medical clinics that focus on male health are able to help design a care plan that enables men to live their best quality of life. Focusing on the whole person and treating their physical, mental, and sexual health.

Learn more about The Billups Center and similar respected clinics that specialize in men’s health through some personal research online or by discussing it with your family doctor. 

8. Get Enough Rest and Relaxation

Every aspect of your life and your overall health is affected by the amount of sleep you get. Stress can lead to life-threatening medical conditions and lack of sleep can definitely add to your stress levels.

It can take a while to get a regular sleeping pattern and you might need to make some changes to promote more sound and restful sleep. 

Turn off any electronic devices such as your television, mobile devices and laptops at least an hour before bed and never use them in the same place you sleep. It can delay your ability to get to sleep and leave you with a night of tossing and turning.

Relaxation and reducing stress is one of the most critical things you can do for your mental and physical health. It will improve your concentration, elevate your mood, give you more energy and allow your body to have more energy and perform better. 

Laughter really is the best medicine so take time to relax and have a few laughs before you take a long nap for the good of your health.

9. Yearly Physicals

Going in for your yearly physical is an important part of being proactive about your health. They can help you gauge whether you are on track and where you can make improvements.

They’ll be able to perform a physical exam, order blood tests and any other necessary screening procedures to make sure you are healthy inside and out.

The earlier a healthcare professional detects an issue or concern, the better it is for your overall health. You can receive the proper treatment and care.

10. Take Care of Your Mental Health

Your mental health is just as important if not more so than your physical health. When you are struggling with untreated mental health issues it can affect every aspect of your life.

Depression and suicide rates are extremely high for middle age men. Largely due to the stigma still attached to mental illness. It is critical that you seek help and tell someone if you are struggling.

You don’t have to suffer. Taking care of your mental health isn’t just for when times are rough. You need to allow time and energy for self-care so that you replenish your energy before you try to meet the stresses and demands of the world around you.

Follow These Top Men Health Tips for a Happier Healthier You at Any Age

Getting older doesn’t have to mean you slow down and start picking out a retirement residence in Florida. You’ve gotten your foolish younger years and partying all night to see what the world has to offer far behind so you can focus on what you have to offer the world.

Reach your goals and live your best life by following these top men health tips and look forward to the fabulous forties.

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