How to select the best fat burner for your body type?

Ever heard someone say that my body type doesn’t allow me to eat certain things or stuff like “no matter how much I eat I just never gain”. Well, depending on your body type these things often have an element of truth attached to them. Knowing your body type is important as it helps you understand what you need to do in order to remain fit and healthy.

Body types or Somatotype can be broken down into three distinct types; ectomorphs, endomorphs, mesomorphs. Knowing what Somatotype you are is essential when it comes to selecting and choosing weight loss supplements and fat burners in order for them to be effective in achieving your goals.


Ectomorphs find it hard to put on weight and are generally taller and thinner than others with a smaller bone structure. They struggle to put on any type of muscle or body moss and have a high tolerance for carbohydrates aka ‘junk food’. 

As long as an ectomorph keeps control of not having too much fat in there diet they should not have a problem shedding weight. Instead of a fat burner, ectomorphs would be more suited to using mass gainers and protein shakes combined with exercise to bulk up in the right places.


Endomorphs are generally shorter and have larger bones than ectomorphs which means greater overall body mass. They tend to gain weight much faster and also have difficulty in trying to lose it. This is because they have a lesser tolerance to carbs and a slower metabolism which means that they can put on fat rather quickly. 

Endomorphs often need the help of supplements to help them lose weight as even diet and exercise sometimes isn’t enough to get the results you desire. They are plenty of options available in the market for fat burners but it is always recommended to purchase one that has natural ingredients, is tested and lab approved and has little to no side-effects.


Mesomorphs are perhaps the ideal body type that everyone wants to be. Naturally athletic thanks to a balanced physique which stems from having a high metabolism rate as well as increased testosterone levels. Mesomorphs can gain and lose weight quickly as their bodies respond very well to exercise and diet.

Fat Burners & Weight Loss Supplements. Are they right for your body type?

If you are reading this it is likely that you are an endomorph seeking a fat burner that can be effective for your weight loss goals. But mesomorphs and ectomorphs can also feel the need for a fat burner if they have been following a high carb and high-fat diet. Here are some of the key things to look for in a fat burner regardless of your body type.

● Safe, legal and government approved

● Negligible side-effects

● Natural ingredients

● Convincing results

● Excellent reviews

Once these preliminary things are accounted for you can move on to researching the ingredients and processes involved that can help you attain your weight loss objectives. If you’d like to see an outline of the best fat burners then you should read the guide over at Organic Avenue for more information.