10 Health Benefits of Acai Bowls

One of the biggest food trends of the last few years is the “bowl”. The Idea that you can get a complete meal, with multiple food groups, in one easy to manage vessel is extremely appealing. 

There are several types of bowl that have become popular, and all have some great health benefits if properly prepared. There are bowls for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One ingredient that is popular for all three meals is acai berries. 

Acai bowls based on pureed acai have many health benefits, and this article will list several of them.

1. Convenience

This may not seem like a health benefit, but it definitely is. Being able to conveniently get multiple food groups in one place, in an easy to eat package, makes people more likely to eat them. Healthy ingredients going bad in the pantry aren’t any better for you than candy. Convenience means you will actually consume the healthy ingredients.

2. Antioxidants

Acai berries are loaded with antioxidant vitamins. Acai bowls typically contain a great mix of superfoods that will each have their own set of beneficial antioxidants. By taking the benefits of acai, and combining them with healthy additions like granola and dark chocolate, acai bowls can give you an array of antioxidants that no single food will have. 

3. May Fight Cancer

Studies have shown that acai berries contain polyphenols that may help your body fight off the development of abnormal cells like cancer. Additional studies are needed, but it is an undisputed fact that  cancer treatments drain your energy, and acai bowls can replace lost energy. 

4. Low Glycemic Index

Diabetics and those at risk for diabetes have to not only watch their sugar intake, but the glycemic index of foods they eat. Foods with a low glycemic index do not cause a spike in blood sugar levels, which helps with insulin resistance.

5. Weight Loss

Another side effect of low glycemic index foods is that they typically cause a lower insulin response. This means that the calories are better processed by your body and converted to energy, instead of being stored as body fat.

6. Brain Power

Acai has been shown to be connected to increased cognitive function. This means that eating acai regularly might help with memory, as well as the efficiency of processing data in your brain. It may not be a fountain of youth, but this could help keep your brain feeling younger for longer.

7. Immune System Function

Acai Berries are high in vitamin C and other antioxidant vitamins that boost immune system function. Acai bowls can help your body fight off infections and just generally feel healthier. Balanced carbohydrates help maintain overall system health, so your immune system is stronger.

8. Skin Clarity

Acai has many plant based compounds that have been shown to improve the skin, helping you to look younger and energized. 

9. Helps Maintain Good Cholesterol

Acai bowls have plenty of essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6. These fatty acids help reduce bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol, making your cholesterol levels better overall.

10. Healthy Energy

Acai bowls have the perfect balance of accessible energy, vitamins, and complex carbohydrates. An acai bowl for breakfast or a midday snack can give you all the energy you need to get through long periods between meals. With delicious add-ins like granola and berries, an acai bowl is a satisfying meal or large snack. 

In summary, acai bowls are loaded with nutrients and complex carbohydrates that will help you to make it through the day. Try an acai bowl today, and you can see how great it makes you feel!