Natural Disasters: How to Keep Your Family Safe Before and After

The natural disasters that occur around the United States differ in severity. Flooding has been shown to be the most deadly force whether it is associated with a hurricane or just heavy rains. Storm surges have been the culprit of billions of dollars in damage and flooding in areas that never had this issue before. Wildfires along the west coast in states like California ravaged the landscape and caused billions of dollars in damages. People lost their homes and lives in these fires that took months to get under control. Preparing for the disaster is extremely important and you should do so in advance. Waiting until the last minute can result in all of the supplies you need being gone. The following are tips to prepare for a natural disaster and recover after.

Have Safety Plans 

You need to have safety plans that you go over with your family before a natural disaster. There could be tornadoes in the area and you need to go over your plan. Everyone should know that they need to get to a room with no windows or to a basement/cellar if possible. Teenagers might know what they should do but make sure smaller children understand as well. 

Evacuate When You Are Told To 

Staying in your home during a mandatory evacuation order is not only dangerous for you but also for emergency rescue workers. You can replace a number of things inside of your home but not a loved one. If you have waited until it is too late to evacuate, you need to stay calm. Flooding can be dangerous and power lines being down can lead to electrocution. Getting to the highest place possible that is also covered is important. In the case of a fire, you need to leave when told to as getting to high ground simply will not work. Wildfires can move quickly so even if you are 20 miles away, you could be in danger. 

Make Sure Electricity is Off Before Entering Flooded Home 

Do not enter your flooded home without making sure the electricity is off. You do not want to electrocute yourself in your home when returning which has happened to people in the past. You should turn off your electricity when you are evacuating to avoid additional problems with your home from the flood. 

Ensure Your Water is Working and Clean

There is a chance that you will have a boil water advisory after certain types of natural disasters. If you are having issues with your water pressure before a disaster you need to call a well pump repair professional. You could be stuck in your home for days so you will need water. You should still stock up on some sort of bottled water to consume as the water supply could be contaminated. 

Natural disasters are all about being prepared and overly cautious. You want to make it out of the natural disaster no worse for the wear. Keep your family safe by having a plan and putting it into action efficiently.