3 CBD Products to Spice Up Your Love Life

Almost every couple will go through a phase where they feel like their relationship is stagnating. The honeymoon period may have quickly ended, and there may simply be no ‘wow’ factor left in the bedroom. While you might be concerned that this problem spells the beginning of the end for your love life, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are a variety of products that can welcome that ‘wow’ factor back in, such as the following: 

CBD Massage Oil

Physical touch is an integral part of a relationship, especially since it releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin. If you and your significant other aren’t making time for a physical connection, it may be worth trying CBD massage oil. Alongside the CBD skin benefits that many people experience, this product can encourage physical touch that might be lacking in your relationship. 

There’s no harm in winding down at the end of a busy day with a sensual massage. What’s more, the CBD in the massage oil may offer more benefits than just a closer connection with your partner. You might notice less tension, alleviation of chronic pain, improved mood, and stimulation of your senses. 

CBD Lube

Maintaining a healthy, happy relationship takes hard work and sacrifice. Still, the benefit of putting in the effort could mean many years of happiness together. Part of the process is making sure you keep that much-needed spice in the bedroom. CBD lube may just pique your curiosity for this very reason. 

CBD lube is like regular lube, but with the addition of CBD. While there isn’t a lot of research on its efficacy, many users have experienced benefits that improve their bedroom experiences. 

Some experts in the field even say women who use CBD lube may experience better orgasms and heightened experiences, along with increased blood flow, decreased inflammation, and muscle relaxation. When you’re trying to spice things up in the bedroom, CBD lube may be worth experimenting with. 

CBD Chocolate

Whether you’re looking to treat that special someone in your life, or you’re interested in the potential benefits of CBD, you may be intrigued by the concept of CBD chocolate. While chocolate is delicious and makes a great gift, it may also target your ‘bliss molecule’ with the addition of CBD. 

This molecule is called anandamide, and it influences your pleasure, motivation, health, and appetite. When you consume CBD chocolate, your anandamide levels rise, and you may experience benefits like improved sleep, pain relief, and better moods. 

When the daily grind begins to take a toll on your relationship, consider whether it’s time to take a step back, break off a square of chocolate, and see if it works its magic. While there is no high to be gained from it, you may notice positive effects in as little as 20 minutes. 

CBD products have been gaining momentum in the market for a variety of reasons. If you believe they may be able to help spice up your love life, there’s every reason to consider trying some out for yourself.