3 Common Face Mask Myths

The worldwide pandemic brought with it a mandate to wear masks when in a public setting. While this mandate has been going on for months now, people are starting to wonder if face masks offer as much protection against COVID as was first suspected. However, this behavior and thought process is just stemming from the fact that we are all still mandated to wear a face mask and people are just getting tired. The spread of COVID seems inevitable as it continues to spread. 

Let’s take a look at 3 myths that are buzzing around about face mask. 

Myth #1: Face Masks Don’t Offer protection against COVID-19 

People are just getting tired of wearing face masks and many believe that these masks do not offer protection against COVID. However, face masks do offer ultimate protection against airborne pathogens. The spread of COVID occurs through droplets, so masks are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting you, your family, and your community. 

According to the Center For Disease and Control Center (CDC), a mask can help protect us from droplets that can enter our respiratory system. One study showed that hundreds of droplets could range between 20 to 500 micrometers when saying a simple phrase. Nearly all droplets were blocked when using a face mask, such as the one the Brilliance Air sells. 

In another study, people who had the flu were also able to significantly decrease the number of droplets and aerosols that were contracted through the air by wearing a mask. While there are growing concerns that wearing a mask is harmful to your health, they are not based on facts. 

Brilliance Air 3-layer masks are the ideal protection against COVID and other respiratory ailments that are contagious. These masks will allow air to flow while protecting you from harmful respiratory droplets that are in the air. 

Myth #2: Wearing a mask can cause carbon dioxide (CO2) poisoning

Many people get a feeling of lightheadedness when wearing a mask. However, this is more than likely due to the anxiety of having a mask on. Masks are made from a breathable material, which makes it impossible for you to experience carbon dioxide poisoning. 

Wearing a mask is completely safe. Breathing in your air for extended periods will not cause carbon dioxide poisoning. You need to be sure that your mask fits properly and offers adequate airflow while covering your mouth and nose. When doing so, this will make the accumulation of carbon dioxide impossible. 

Health care professionals have worn masks for long periods and have had absolutely no adverse effects. When you are in general good health there is no risk of Carbon dioxide poisoning. When you begin to feel uncomfortable in your mask, try to limit how much you are talking. Be sure to breathe through your nose, as this will decrease the humidity levels in your mask. 

Be advised that the CDC does not recommend that children under the age of 2, individuals with breathing difficulties, or those who would not be able to pull their mask down without assistance should not wear a mask. 

Brilliance Air face mask is designed for even airflow. Allowing you to be protected and still be able to comfortably breathe. 

Myth #3: Wearing a mask means you don’t have to practice physical distancing

The facts are, social distancing is still an important part of decreasing the spread of COVID-19. Wearing masks will help slow the spread of COVID, but social distancing is the best practice for everyone. 

Therefore, you should continue to keep a physical distance of 6 feet between you and other people when in public. Be sure that the number of people in one area is limited. Always wash your hands with soap, and stay home if you do not feel well. If you suspect that you may have COVID-19 then you need to call your health care provider to schedule a test. 

Stay protected with a mask and social distancing. If everyone can put these two things into practice then the spread of this virus will decrease massively. 


The key is finding a mask that you can feel comfortable in, as you will have to wear it at one point or another. Brilliance Air offers a 3-layer American made face mask that is ideal to wear every day. These masks are disposable, which means you will need to throw them away after one use. 

Also, practice good hygiene before putting on your mask and after your mask is removed. Be sure that when you go in public you wear a mask to comply with mandates. You are not only doing it for you but also for your family and community. If we all work together, we can help decrease the spread of COVID-19.