3 Tips for Moving Countries With Children to Keep Them Happy and Healthy

3 Tips for Moving Countries With Children to Keep Them Happy and Healthy

Moving countries is one of the greatest adventures you could embark on as a family and there are so many rewards and benefits you can experience. You may be exposing your children to a new language, you’ll be definitely exposing them to new cultures and where you’re moving to may be in a great position to explore other travel opportunities nearby. For all the benefits there are a few concerns too. If you’re moving somewhere that speaks another language, you might be concerned about how your children will adapt. You may be worried about them starting new schools or having to make new friends. Here are my top 3 tips for moving countries with children to keep them happy and healthy.

1. Start Well In Advance
The moving process can be extremely overwhelming for you as an adult, who’s been able to choose to move. But for a child who really has no say in everything, it can feel completely overwhelming! One of the best things you can do to help minimize the consequences of moving, is to start well in advance. This is especially important if you’re moving somewhere that speaks another language. It’s a good idea to get your children into language classes months before you move so that they can move with at least some kind of foundation of the new language. Younger children tend to adapt much more easily than older children or teens, so this is something to keep in mind depending on your children’s ages. If you’re moving teens to another speaking country, it might be worth enrolling them into a private, English speaking college to minimize the overall disruption to their life and academics. You also will want to make sure that your kids are up to date with whatever vaccinations might be required in your new country. This is something you want to do with ample time so that you don’t have to rush any.

2. Make Play Dates Happen
Moving can feel really socially isolating, especially when your kids have lost easy access to their favorite friends. One of the best ways to help them adapt is by creating situations where your children will be exposed to new children and potential friends. You can join some groups for your new city and reach out to see if anyone has kids of a similar age that would like to do a playdate. This might be something you want to set up before you even move so you can feel more confident knowing there are some social interactions coming up. Another great thing to do is check out the local playgrounds and parks in advance so you can know the top spots to head with your kids before you arrive. This will help ensure your kids are having lots of opportunities to mix with kids and to make their own friends.

3. Talk To Them About it All
Talk to your kids about how they feel about the move, what concerns they might have and if there’s anything you can do to help make them feel more comfortable. Moving countries is a big deal and it can feel very intimidating when you don’t have much say in it. While their feelings probably won’t change the reality of the move, you can ensure they feel as confident about it and help answer any concerns they have. Even if your children seem too small to really grasp the concept, be sure to talk to them about it, explain what’s happening, how things will be different and what parts of life will feel the same. The more you involve them in the move the more confident they’ll feel!

Moving overseas is a big deal and I hope these tips help you ensure that your children feel happy and calm about the upcoming move.