3 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health While Moving

Moving house is hands down one of the most stressful experiences you will go through in your life. This can be further complicated by the circumstances of moving. If you’re moving out because you’ve gotten divorced, or you’re moving out because you’re moving to another country, then you can imagine that the stress levels will be considerably higher than if you’re just moving across the street. Throw in other factors, like changing schools, new friend groups, selling and buying a home… and it’s easy to see why moving can become such a huge stressor in your life. The good news, however, is that there are a few things you can do to minimize how much the move impacts your mental health and your overall health. Keep reading to learn more. 
Use Professional Movers
If you can, always, always and I mean always use professional movers. They make the entire process so much easier to deal with. Moving companies often offer a variety of packages so you can find something that fits your budget. There are the full service movers that will even pack and unpack all your belongings, and then there are the more affordable options that focus more on the moving logistics. It is worth using professional movers because they give you the time and mental space to focus on the numerous other aspects of moving. It can also be extremely physically draining to move your things yourself and if you’re already struggling with your mental health, this can be too much to cope with. A moving company can help you move homes in the least stressful way so you can focus your energy on the things that only you can do. Another benefit to hiring a moving company is you can spend the time you’d spend moving with your friends and family to create some special memories before you’re going.

Don’t Skip Exercise
Exercising is such a great way to naturally boost your mood and energy levels. Whenever I’m swamped with work or life stressors, it tends to be one of the first things I get rid of which I think is a real mistake, because it’s probably the best that could help improve my mental health in a high stress situation. Try to maintain your exercise routine as much as possible, no matter whether you’re moving halfway across the road or just down the street. Even if it means doing home workouts to keep up your fitness, don’t let this aspect of your life slide especially if you’re prone to low moods or mental health issues.

Schedule In Time With Loved Ones
This is something you’re going to want to do as you’re packing and leaving, but also as you’re adjusting to your new home. One of the best things to come out of the pandemic, in my opinion, is Zoom and how much is normalized video calls. Because we couldn’t be around our loved ones, we adapted and found ways to stay better in touch. As the whirlwind of moving tasks over, it can be hard to remember to schedule in time with friends and family before you go. But this is crucial to ensuring that you make the most of your time and so you have some social interaction outside of the hard work that moving entails. You can even try to multitask a little by inviting friends and family over for pizza and to spend time while you pack. Or you can head to the gym together to burn off some steam while catching up. Everyone knows how challenging moving is so don’t feel bad leaning on your loved ones for help and support during this stressful time.

Moving is one of those big life changes that can really impact all areas of your life. I hope these tips help you navigate the stress of moving in a more healthy way so that you can feel good about this big, exciting change.