3 Ways Employers Can Support A Healthy Lifestyle

For many office managers and employers, adjusting to the recent health crisis was quite the nightmare. But now that we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, your employees might need extra support now more than ever as they adapt to their old lifestyle. Here are some ways you can boost your employees’ energy (and productivity) all the while encouraging them to care for their physical and mental health. 

Make Remote Work More Common

Since keeping your employees safe and healthy is your goal, why not give them a bit more freedom and allow a day or two of remote work per week? It does not have to be a permanent part of your office structure but it is definitely worth the shot. It will not only save your employees money on gas or public transport but they will be able to have a bit of extra sleep in the morning. 

If you find that it’s not being taken seriously, you can suspend it until further notice. However, many office managers find that employees recognize remote work as a privilege and do not take advantage of it. 

A Healthy Lunch Or Snack Break

If you make the effort to organize a lunch or even a small afternoon snack break for your employees, it will not only show that you care about them, it will encourage them to exchange with one another. If you opt for a company lunch, choose a restaurant with a healthy, sustainable menu and ask them to try and avoid any work talk. 

It will do them so much good to be able to interact with one another while not focusing on their jobs. Even a small hour-long escape can do worlds of positivity when they are back in the office. If a company lunch is not in your budget, simply bring in a healthy snack for everyone and ask that they take a break at the same time for a little bit of chitchat!

Listen To The Feedback

One way of keeping your employees safe and healthy is listening to what is and is not “working” for them. If you do not have time to sit down with them individually, ask them to fill out a comment form, anonymous or otherwise.

It’s important for your employees to be able to express what could be improved about their work life. On the other hand, this is also the chance for them to tell you what they like about their jobs. Once you open up that line of communication, you might be surprised by the positive and constructive feedback you will receive. What’s more, it demonstrates to your employees that you care!