Providing a Supervisor with Feedback

Providing a Supervisor with Feedback


Employees’ feedback is essential in the business as it creates a strong business and harmonizes all the activities of the business. In addition, employees’ feedback usually helps reinforce positive behavior in the business and ensure that all activities are effectively run and all drawbacks identified to ensure that business goals are achieved. Jonathan Osler is an educator and mostly focuses on employees’ experience and this is based on the leadership, culture, and environment. How can employees provide their supervisor with constructive feedback?

Having a transparent culture.

Osler depicts developing a strong culture that makes employees feel a sense of ownership and hold on to the beliefs and beliefs. This makes the employees feel free to express their concerns and take on a particular task or activity related to business. This means that there is transparency between the employees and the supervisor, which ensures that any issue that may impact the business positively or negatively is well addressed through a well-defined channel allowing the supervisors to take action from the feedback provided.

By identifying trends in the business environment.

Employees are usually actively involved in using the tools and technologies employed in the business. By creating a conducive environment and allowing for creativity, employees can be innovative and input various ideas. The business world is subject to change and a business needs to be up to date with the trend. When employees have an idea of how to make things better to competitive advantage, they can incorporate that when given the freedom. Therefore, supervisors can obtain information on what to invest in at a particular time, which is associated with increased productivity. Therefore the feedback that comes from ideas, innovations and suggestions from employees’ analysis in the competitive business world is always essential for the sustainability and adaptability of the business, which is the main focus of every business owner.

Through employees’ experience.

He also insists on leadership as essential in promoting employees’ experience. This includes enhancing a conducive environment to work on and a positive culture. This has the advantage of ensuring open communication in the business. With this, it becomes easy for an employee to air their feedback freely and thus help the business with their professional and experienced input. Therefore employees can be directly involved in business planning, development and implementation of business plans and therefore owning the business. Therefore a good experience from a business is associated with freedom in unleashing all the potential employees’ skills and ideas and sharing them for the betterment of the business.


Jonathan Osler educates on the advantages of employees’ experience to the business’s success. This comes with various advantages, mostly innovation, creativity and new ideas. This would not be the case in a business where the employees do not have the best experience. It also facilitates the information and feedback flow by enhancing communication, ensuring that talents are incorporated, specialization, and employees engaged in the daily operation of the business. This promotes productivity, reduces cost and enhances business sustainability.