3 Ways Sports Chiropractic Can Increase Performance in Athletes

Chiropractic has gained a lot of recognition over its 100-year history in America and has diverged into a variety of different fields. Chiropractic in its broader sense aims at relieving neurological and musculoskeletal system disorders. Sports chiropractic focuses on reducing cases of injuries in athletes, treat injuries and help with recovery, and increase performance. But how can a chiropractor help with performance exactly and why should you consider consulting one?

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Improved Mobility

Athletes who play sports that require a wide range of movements, like football, for instance, will benefit a lot from consulting a sports chiropractor. OMT, which is short for osteopathic manipulative treatment, is a common form of treatment professional football players undergo in order to enhance their range of movement and prevent injuries.

OMT can also improve flexibility and promote pain-free movement. According to one study that was conducted on Virginia Tech football players, most reported that OMT had a positive impact on their performance. Most NFL players also reported that they saw a significant improvement in performance after OMT sessions.

Reduces the Chance of Developing a Hernia

5% to 20% of total injuries suffered by athletes involve groin pain. But not all of them have to do with direct impact. One widespread cause for groin pain and discomfort in athletes is something called athletic pubalgia, also known as a sports hernia. Most athletes that have been diagnosed with athletic pubalgia reported that they were relieved of their symptoms after undergoing combination therapy for eight weeks, which consisted of a mix of rehabilitation exercises and chiropractic care.

Soothes and Prevents Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is something that about half of all tennis players will have to suffer at least once in their lives. And out of all tennis players, 30% can expect to suffer a severe case of tennis elbow during their career. A sports chiropractor will be able to promote healing, relieve redness and discomfort, help with rehabilitation, and avoid recurrence.

Another common injury among tennis players is frozen shoulder syndrome, which is characterized by stiffness and pain in the shoulder joints. Frozen shoulder syndrome usually starts with slight discomfort and symptoms can quickly escalate and limit your range of movement. That’s why it’s important that tennis players consult with a sports chiropractor who is used to these types of injuries and corrective procedures.

People like Dr. Roy Nissim, for instance, have years of experience in sports medicine and sports related shoulder injuries and will be able to establish a proper treatment plan that will not only make sure that the condition will be corrected but that you can prevent it from happening in the first place. If you want to learn more about his clinic and his services, you can visit his website at www.drroynissim.com.


Sports chiropractic is not only important for rehabilitation and treating injuries, but for prevention and improve your performance as well. If you haven’t already, we strongly suggest you contact a professional sport chiropractor today to see how they can help you reach your full potential.