4 Places you can go to find recreational marijuana

The U.S and other world countries are gradually legalizing the use of recreational marijuana. The year 2018 saw the support for marijuana reach new heights. Researchers indicate that 64% of Americans support the legalization of the drug. Ten States in America have legalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults over the age of 21 years. Another thirty-three states have allowed the use of medical marijuana. In conclusion, about one-fifth of the U.S population supports the use of marijuana both in the recreational and medical fields. You can purchase marijuana in government licensed stores. For example, in Nevada, you can access weed from a legalized 24-hour dispensary.  Here are four places you can go to find recreational marijuana, and you do not need a doctor’s letter.

  1. California. In 1996, California legalized medical marijuana. In 2016, California became more friendly to the drug by allowing the use and transportation of up to one ounce of marijuana. Currently, the law will enable adults of 21 years and above to purchase up to eight grams of cannabis concentrates. These concentrates are found in edibles. In addition, it is legal to grow a maximum of six marijuana plants per household. However, not everyone in California can legally smoke weed. Most cities in the Central Valley such as Fresno, continue to ban the recreational use and sale of marijuana
  2. Amsterdam. Although marijuana is illegal in the Netherlands, the government allows Amsterdam’s famed coffee shops to sell up to five grams a day to any customer above the age of 18 years. If you prefer to get your weed in edible form, you can order a space cake in Amsterdam. The flavor of your space cake varies from one coffee shop to another. Some contain one solid gram of weed per slice.
  3. Nevada. Tourists and residents of Nevada can legally buy an ounce of marijuana. For those who prefer edibles, you can purchase one-eighth of an ounce edibles or concentrates. You have to be 21 years and above to legally buy weed in Nevada. The sale of recreational marijuana began in July 2017. Two weeks later, most marijuana stores ran out of stock. Nevada has earned almost $20 million through marijuana tax revenue since 2017. If you want to grow Marijuana in Nevada, you have live 25 miles away from the nearest dispensary.
  4. Vermont. In January 2018, Vermont marked the ninth U.S state to legalize recreational use of marijuana and the first state to use the legislature instead of a ballot strategy for the legalization of weed. Adults of 21 years and above can now carry up to an ounce of marijuana and grow a maximum of two plants. However, the bill does not establish a legal market for the production and sale of marijuana.

You can go on a vacation to any of these places if you are craving to enjoy legal smoke or weed concentrates. If you are looking to grow some plants for your recreational use, you can also relocate to any of the above places.