4 Tools That Make Life Easier for People with Mobility Issues

Are you or a loved one dealing with mobility issues that leave you with feelings of frustration? Your physical limitations may be from surgery or life-long health challenges. 

Whatever the case is, there is technology available that will make getting around and daily life easier. We’re going to discuss five tools that are worth implementing to aid with your mobility. Keep reading for more information.

Smart Speakers

One of the best investments for people with difficulty moving is a smart speaker. These devices connect to various services like Google and Amazon and can help with small tasks like setting alarms or turning on smart lights. 

These speakers can help you manage your home just by the sound of your voice. This means that if your phone is in the other room, you don’t have to move around to retrieve it.

This ability also means that if you need assistance, you can ask for the device to call a family member. 


AXS Map is basically an access map allowing you to see the wheelchair accessibility of businesses, roads, and other places. These maps are crowd-sourced and can be downloaded to your smartphone so you can plan and navigate new areas without as much trouble. 

This tool is great for people who use an electric wheelchair, standard wheelchairs, scooters, or simply need to ensure the area is friendly to people with limited mobility.

Safety Grips

You can choose to install permanent handrails in your bathroom to help with getting into the shower or up from the toilet. 

If you aren’t sure if you want a permanent handrail or where to place them for maximum effectiveness, you may want a shorter-term option. Safety grips that use strong suction cups are effective for this purpose. 

This low-tech solution can help prevent falls and allow you to steady yourself when stepping into the bath or maneuvering around the toilet. 

Remote-Controlled Items

For people that have a difficult time moving around, choosing to purchase remote-controlled items can make life far easier. 

The three items that you should consider buying include remote-controlled curtain rods, vacuums, and fans. 

Curtain rods that can be remotely closed will eliminate having to reach up and tug at your curtains to obtain privacy or block light.

Smart or remote-controlled vacuums can be set to sweep your floors every day at a certain time and ‘learn’ your home to prevent itself from getting stuck. 

The last remote-controlled item is a ceiling fan. These fans will look great, keep you cool, and have adjustable speeds and lights–right from where you’re sitting!

Solutions for Mobility Issues

Because we live in a world that has an app for everything, it can be tempting to seek answers to physical challenges only from technology. However, when you are looking for ways to improve your mobility issues, sometimes simple is better.

This means that you may need to think outside the box and not rule out old favorites like grip extenders.

If you would like more tips for making your life easier and healthier, check out the rest of our blog.