5 Ancient Health Remedies That Are Making a Comeback Today

We live in an age where medical science is progressing faster and faster each day. Thanks to thousands of years of research, we can cure common ailments with something as small as a pill.

While it’s fascinating to see how far we’ve come, let’s not forget the value in taking a look back. Many of the same medicinal plants, herbs, and spices that we use today date back thousands of years.

Check out these five ancient remedies that we still use today!

1. Aloe

We take aloe for granted. These days, you can find aloe in everything from lotion to weight loss supplements.

But aloe’s usage dates back as far as ancient Egypt. Aloe proved an effective way of reducing fevers and soothing burns, and yes, it was even used for skincare back then.

Rumors suggest that Cleopatra used aloe every day.

2. Leeches

Here’s an ancient remedy that’s gross enough to make you squirm!

Leeches were a particular staple of the Middle Ages when doctors used these slimy little bloodsuckers as a means of “curing” the plague by sucking out infected blood.

And while most people think we stopped using leeches in a medical capacity decades ago, you might be surprised to hear that some of the world’s biggest medical facilities keep a jar of creepy-crawlies on hand to aid with ailments.

Experts believe that leeches are still an effective medical tool. Since leech saliva is a natural anesthetic, doctors in England use to lessen swelling and pain.

3. Kratom

Kratom’s popularity is a recent trend in the U.S., but Southeast Asian civilizations have enjoyed kratom’s benefits for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Since kratom is a member of the coffee family, most people used it as a quick pick-me-up. However, higher doses of kratom can produce an opposite effect, relaxing those who take it.

These days, kratom is so popular that you can buy it anywhere. Some companies and products, like Bumble Bee Botanicals kratom, even have multiple storefronts across the country.

4. Dried Oats

Consider yourself lucky if you somehow avoided having to take an oatmeal bath as a kid. It’s every bit as strange and gross as it sounds.

Taking a dip in what amounts to a massive bowl of oatmeal might be an unpleasant experience, but its benefits speak for themselves.

Dried oats mixed with warm water can be a great way to alleviate itchy skin. For that reason, it’s a common treatment for people dealing with chickenpox, poison ivy, or bug bites.

5. Mint

Sure, popping a few quick Altoids is a good way to freshen your breath. But did you know that it can help with things like asthma, stress, digestion, and flu symptoms?

Mint is a natural anti-inflammatory, which is why breath mints and mint teas produce that soothing feeling in the back of your throat and open up your nasal passages.

People have used mint for as long as they’ve used medicine. Some reports even suggest that mint’s popularity began as early as 1000 BC.

Ancient Remedies for a Modern Age

While medical technology continues to advance, it’s fascinating to see that sometimes, the oldest trick in the book still works. So next time you’re feeling ill, try one of these five ancient remedies.

And if you’re looking for more health info, be sure to check back with our blog!