5 Best Stress-Reducing Activities You Should Do at Work

Stress is a feeling Americans are all-too-familiar with. And unfortunately, we’re not doing a very good job of controlling it.

77 percent of Americans say stress has created physical problems, and 73 percent reported psychological issues due to high stress levels.

The good news is there are easy ways to manage stress, even when you’re at work. Let’s explore some of the simplest stress-reducing activities you can do during the workday.

1. Walk With Co-Workers

Get up from your seat and step away from your desk. Taking a walk during the workday is excellent for your physical and mental health.

Walking is a cardiovascular activity. It boosts the production of stress-reducing endorphins and lowers cortisol levels. Going for a midday walk lowers anxiety, lifts your mood and decreases brain fog.

Walking isn’t just good for your mental health. It increases cardiovascular fitness, reduces your risk of stroke, and helps you manage hypertension.

What’s better than walking alone? Walking with a buddy! Get your office mates to join you and enjoy a few minutes away from your computers together.

2. Do Some Stretches

Stretch away your stress during the workday. Stretching relieves muscle tension and helps your muscles let go of extra tension. It improves energy flow and decreases your risk of an injury.

Whether you’re feeling frustrated, do a few quick stretches.

Stretch out your lower back by doing a seated spinal rotation. Sit at your chair, cross your arms over your chest, and grab your shoulders. Rotate your upper body from your waist, turning gently to the left and then the right. 

We hold a lot of tension in our shoulders, especially at the office. Lift your shoulders and let them slowly fall, breathing deeply. These shoulder shrugs relieve pain and decrease stress levels. 

There are many simple workday stretches that don’t require much space and are easy to do at your desk.

3. Play Mind Games

Finding time to incorporate games into your workday can clear your mind and help you destress. Playing games at work is a healthy way to step back from your workload.

In addition to releasing pent-up work stress, games and puzzles enhance your cognitive abilities. They improve memory, reduce your risk of dementia, and boost your problem-solving skills.

Keep a Soduku book near your desk or download Solitare on your computer. There’s nothing wrong with taking a timeout during the workday to work on your puzzle skills and relax.

4. Listen to Music

Pop in your earphones, turn on the tunes and let your stress melt away. 

Slow, relaxing tempos relieve muscle tension and soothe the mine. Listening to music is an effective way to manage stress during the workday.

If music is distracting, listen to nature sounds or instrumental tunes. Rain, thunder, ocean waves, and fluters are very good at relaxing the mind.

5. Talk to Someone

If you’re having trouble managing stress at work, don’t be afraid to talk to your boss, team leader, or workers compensation psychiatrist.

You don’t need to find the solutions to all of your problems. But discussing negative emotions with someone you find trustworthy lowers stress and physical discomfort.

Stress-Reducing Activities Perfect for Anytime

You don’t need a trip to the spa to alleviate built-up tension. Stress-reducing activities can be simple, like taking a walk or listening to music. Incorporating these actions into your daily routine can help you manage stress levels and live a healthier life.

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