5 Cosmetic Dentistry Innovations for the Perfect Smile

Your smile is extremely important. It is so important, in fact, that Charles E. Scholler, D.D.S. notes on his blog that 94% of people report that it is the first thing they notice when they meet someone. With that in mind, you probably want to make sure that your smile is the best it can possibly be. Unfortunately, lack of care, or a predisposition to weak or compromised enamel may contribute to a less than perfect smile and can lead to self-consciousness. Fortunately, there is a lot of research that goes on in the dental field, particularly recently with the cosmetic dentistry industry booming.

Go back a few decades and the only way to achieve a celebrity smile was by having all of your teeth pulled out and then wearing dentures. Now there are so many new products, procedures and innovations. Here are a few of the hottest cosmetic dentistry developments that you should check out if you’re pearly whites are less than perfect.

Hide Bad Teeth with Veneers

This is a simple, popular and less invasive solution to hiding slightly crooked, damaged or discolored teeth. Dental veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or resin that fit snugly on to the surface of your teeth. Instead of removing a perfectly healthy tooth because you do not like the way it looks, you can simply have a veneer made. You can also use veneers on multiple teeth to ensure they all look uniform and your smile is even. The dental professional creating your veneer will be able to make one that matches the shade of your teeth and blends seamlessly so it will not stand out. The veneer should also be thin enough that you won’t even feel it or notice it’s there.

Get a Brighter Smile with Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can take many forms and the ultimate choice will likely come down to time and budget. If you have a special occasion coming up, are looking for a quick fix, or if your teeth are extremely discolored and stained (especially if you are a smoker or drink a lot of dark, staining beverages) you may need to consider dental bleaching treatments. These can generally be divided into two categories: the first contains hydrogen peroxide and is carried out in the dentist’s office under supervision of a trained professional. You should see results after the first treatment. The second category is products that are suitable for use at home. These contain a lower strength bleaching agent – usually carbamide peroxide – are cheaper and can be purchased from dentists, beauty salons, and drug stores as well as online.

Straighten Your Teeth with Invisible Braces

You might think braces are just for teenagers, but cosmetic dentistry is working to correct that misconception. Invisible braces achieve the same results as conventional braces without making you walk around with a mouth full of visible metal. These braces are also known as ‘ibraces’ and are tailored to correct your individual dental issues by being placed behind your teeth. They are a great way to correct your smile without the entire world knowing. You could also consider Clear Aligners. These are orthodontic devices that use incremental transparent aligners to adjust teeth as an alternative to dental braces.

Hide Missing Teeth with ‘Flippers’

While it may sound like a part of a sea creature, flippers are also the term used for a false tooth that hides a missing one. If you have lost a tooth for any reason, then you know it can be pretty embarrassing, especially if it is one of your front teeth which people notice immediately. Flippers are an individual false tooth that acts a bit like a lone denture. They are often attached to something that looks similar to your gums in order to blend easily with the rest of your smile. Flippers are not permanent solutions, and they are typically used by people who are waiting on a more permanent fix like an implant.

This has become a really popular choice as it is permanent and leads to a natural, restored or even enhanced smile. Dental Implants are artificial roots and teeth (usually titanium) that are surgically inserted into the lower or upper jawbone. If done correctly by a reputable dentist, these implants are very stable, strong and durable and will last many years. On the odd occasion they may need to be retightened or replaced due to normal wear and tear.

Dental implants are a more invasive procedure but it can mean there is no need to damage healthy teeth (as you need only replace unhealthy or missing ones) and replacing missing teeth can also stop the process of jaw shrinkage, which can cause a premature aging.

Thanks to advancements in cosmetic dentistry, creating a stunning smile is just a few steps away. There are so many solutions these days and the treatments are no longer reserved for the rich and famous, with many dentists offering special deals as well as 0% or low interest payment plans. So if you are self-conscious about your smile or feel that your less than perfect pearly whites are holding you back, book into see your dentist today. You may be surprised at how good you can look!

Now that is something to smile about!