5 External Factors Influencing Sleep Patterns

Sleep is something which is very important. Too little of it can be damaging to the performance of an ordinary person. When people sleep regularly, this is called a sleeping pattern.

However, your sleeping pattern can be disrupted by external factors, and we’re taking a look at the top things which can influence your sleeping patterns.


One of the first things which can influence the sleeping pattern of a person is the level of light which is present in someone sleeping area. In order to sleep effectively, the area you’re in should be dark, which aids the sleeping process. Exposure to high amounts of light when the sun comes up can then result in you waking up early, which disturbs your sleep patterns.

Working shifts

Another thing that can influence the sleeping pattern of a person is when you work shifts. This is because shift work can be unpredictable and random, which means that the body cannot establish a regular sleeping pattern. As you’ll need to sleep when you can, getting a schedule can be difficult.


When you’re put on medication, it is usually to correct a problem. However, there can be side effects for a person on medication, and this can sometimes manifest as an inability to sleep properly and consistently. This can play havoc with a sleeping schedule, as you can’t establish a set time to be sleeping and a time to be awake.

Other people

We’ve all had noisy neighbors. It’s a common part of everyday life that just needs to be dealt with, and it’s not always fun either. People who live next door that have little children, or need to get up in the mornings before you can often be disruptive to your sleeping habits, and prevent you from establishing a proper sleeping pattern.

Your mattress

One of the things that can influence your sleeping patterns is actually the mattress you sleep on. A mattress which is uncomfortable and difficult to sleep on can result in broken sleep, and an inability to sleep a consistent night’s sleep, which can in turn result in an inability to establish a sleeping pattern. The best models of air mattresses as per https://thesleepstudies.com/ could help you get a good night’s sleep. You’ll find some honest reviews on the best possible mattresses available.


Overall, these are just a few of the external factors which can influence the sleeping patterns a person may have. The human body is quite sensitive to external stimuli, so things like too much noise or an increased exposure to light will cause them to wake up.

Making sure you establish a sleeping pattern which is consistent and gets you the amount of sleep recommended is very important for staying focused and ready to face whatever life can throw at you. Too little sleep can be very damaging for the human body, as it is the time when you rest and recharge, so making sure that you get enough sleep it paramount.