5 Medical Careers You Can Start in 2 Years or Less

Working in the medical field pays well and is one of the most rewarding careers you can choose.
However, many people interested in pursuing a medical career never do because they think it requires 5+ years of expensive education, 1+ years of a low paid residency, and 6 figures to pay for living expenses during all of that.
Fortunately, nowadays with allied healthcare careers booming, their are a number of medical fields you can work in with a 2 years associate’s degree.
In fact, some of these careers only require a certificate that can be obtained in 1 year or less.
Allied healthcare defines the medical jobs with a role assisting the primary care physicians and surgeons in a variety of “niche” medical fields.
Today we will introduce 5 of these allied healthcare careers that have been rated very high in
regards to job satisfaction and also offer competitive salaries.
1. Medical Assistant
One of the fastest growing medical careers in the country is medical assisting. It is no surprise with so many versatile places a medical assistant can work.
Medical Assistants may be found working in:
    • Nursing Homes
    • The Military (Army, Navy, and Air Force all have MAs)
    • Hospitals
    • Emergency Rooms
    • General Medicine Clinics
    • Ophtamology Offices
    • Podiatry Clinics
    • Pediatric Doctor’s Offices
    • And many more places
2. Dental Assistant
Some people are fascinated with teeth, so if that is you, then you should consider a career in dental assisting.
Dental assistants work alonsgide dentists helping them with a variety of tasks such as:
    • Helping during dental procedures
    • Taking x-rays
    • Interview patients on their medical history
    • and much more
With a rating of #21 in best healthcare support jobs, it is clear that most dental nurse assistants love their careers and find them highly satisfying.
3. Physical Therapist Assistant
Another fast growing career and consistently rated as the most rewarding is that of a physical therapist assistant. Assistants implement treatment plans that the Physical Therapist designs for patients.
A few of the duties of a PTA are:
    • Teaching the patient their treatment exercises
    • Observing and recording the patient’s progress
    • Adapting the patient’s plan over time
    • Assisting with a variety of administrative tasks
    • And many more
PTAs can work with athletes who have been injured, handicapped and disabled patients, elderly, and more.
PTAs earn on average $52,160 annually. So, if you want a high salary then learn how to become a PTA.
4. Athletic Training
Athletic training is a highly satisfying role for anyone interested in working with athletes. Plus, begining your career requires less than 2 years to get started making it a highly accessible medical career.
Most people who are athletes themselves gravitate towards this field. While others who aren’t interested in sports also are not interested in athletic training.
For the ones with an interest in sports, this is a highly satisfying field that can open the doors to many more opportunities for career advancement down the road.
5. Occupational Therapist Assistant
Many folks aren’t aware of occupational therapy and have no idea what an occupational therapist assistant does.
However, year after year this career is rated as one of the most rewarding while it continues to see growth in the field.
Occupational Therapist Assistants help their patients be as independent as possible in their daily lives. Patients are generally disabled, elderly, pediatric, recovering from an accident or traumatic injury, or experiencing some other debilitating condition.
OTAs really enjoy their work helping people. They get to create medical devices to aid their patients in their daily tasks while also teaching them how to use them.
You can even study to become an OTA online making this career even more accessible.
Now You Can Start
So, you don’t need to worry about committing 5+ years and $100,000+ to start your medical career.
You can get started now in an allied healthcare field and work your way up over time, while you are earning a competitive salary.
This is a much more practical approach to beginning your medical career and makes the option a possibility for many more people.
So, no more excuses 😉 you can finally start that dream career.