3 reasons you should invest in LED grow lights

It’s been a widespread belief that plant growth is dependent on sunlight. For the most part, that may seem correct because the idea has persisted for decades even as indoor farming began to take shape. However, researchers now find that the need for sunlight notion is a myth.

As many indoor plant growers continue to realize, plant growth is not dependent on the sun rather the spectrum of color present. The sun contains a plethora of spectra, but the only one that plants need and that is the purple spectrum, also known as the blue-red.

Therefore, with that in mind, instead of exposing plants to the sun, LED grow lights, like the ones highlighted in https://ledgrowlightshq.com, work just as efficiently if not better. They have the color spectrum that plants require for growth and carry with them a load of other advantages that discredit the day-lighting concept.

LED grow lights have significant benefits for the quality of plants you develop. If you haven’t looked into LED grow lights for plant growth, here are a few reasons why you should consider it.


  • Low energy costs


Indoor plant growth is a culture that is in consistent development for decades. And at this time, there have been light features developed for this practice. These include HPS and SON’T which tend to produce excess heat that is damaging to the plants.

Moreover, this also translates to higher energy costs which makes farming expensive. However, with LED grow lights, indoor growers no longer incur outrageous energy costs. LED grow lights will produce the exact amount of energy and light that your plants need.

  1. Better quality plants

Until LED grow lights came about, people believed that the quality of plants they got was the best it could get. Well, LED grow lights have disproved that theory because of their effects on plant quality. They increase the size of the crops, their color, taste and even stretch.

Your plants are safe from excessive heat that’s prevalent in traditional fixtures, and therefore the quality of your plants is better. Besides, LED grow lights help reduce the number of chemicals needed for plant growth.

  1. Customizable spectral distribution

With the sun and traditional lighting fixtures, plants get the good and the bad; there is no specialization. However, when it comes to LED grow lights, you can fine tune them to fit different types of crops.

Many of the traditional fixtures have a fixed spectrum, and light intensity which is not the case with LED grow lights. When you invest in LED fixtures, you can customize the light intensity and spectrum for your plant needs.

To sum up:

LED grow lights are the future of indoor plant growing and as better LED technology continues to emerge, farmers can only look forward to better plant quality in years to come. Investing in LED grow lights is the best move for your indoor growing.

Not only will you experience the benefits mentioned above, but also use less electricity than usual, plants require less airflow, and it’s an all-around win situation for you.