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5 Nips and Tucks With Instant Results

The secret to a healthy, balanced life often boils down to exercising your mind, body, and spirit. When you see somebody that looks seemingly flawless, you may imagine that they’ve incorporated some kind of heart-healthy workout routine and have a  balanced diet rich in vitamins and nutrients. However, even a good diet and regular exercise, though providing countless benefits for the people that do them, has its limits. A healthy lifestyle, good habits, and perhaps a genetic advantage may be the not-so-secret reasons why some people may look extraordinary, but the reality is that many rely on cosmetic procedures to speed up the process of meeting their beauty goals. Learn about five procedures that many choose to do when a natural approach may not be enough.


While clean eating habits, fat loss, and toning exercises can help to get you as close as possible to picture perfect abs, the reality is that excess skin may still be left behind after all your efforts. Likely candidates for this procedure may have lost a significant amount of weight, have gone through pregnancy, or experienced other body changes that have affected muscles and skin elasticity. Though there may not be anything medically wrong with carrying a little something extra, a tummy tuck is sometimes just what is needed to restore confidence and comfort.

Breast Augmentation

Whether the purpose of a breast augmentation is purely for aesthetics or medical reasons, the procedure is something many are familiar with. Some may feel more comfortable having surgical enhancements, such as those involving silicone or saline implants, to alter the shape or size of their breasts. On the flip side, there are women who opt to reduce the size of their cup to relieve stress on the joints or muscles, or to simply feel comfortable in their own skin.


While the fountain of youth may not be available, facelift surgery is. This is another popular cosmetic procedure that may have significant results that cannot simply be credited to diet or exercise. While some patients may undergo the procedure as part of a larger, medically-necessary facial reconstruction, others may simply do it for a more rejuvenated appearance for facial skin that has lost muscle tone and elasticity. Many products on the market, including a plethora of creams, serums, and even facial exercising tools may offer the promise of a more lifted appearance but likely cannot compare to the results of surgery.

Facial Enhancements

A facelift may be the answer for those looking for an all-over revitalized look, but others may opt to spot-contour certain areas such as the chin, cheeks, or nose. These surgical procedures are done by removing tissue or cartilage or using special inserts or fillers under the skin to alter the shape and size of the feature. Like any facial surgery, results are often more dramatic than what can be done with natural interventions.

Enjoy the Best Version of Yourself

While some may be skeptical about where surgical procedures fit into the world of health and wellness, it is important to remember that the goal for most is to simply live happily as the best versions of themselves. Whether the pathway to happiness involves surgery or not, remember that the journey and the decisions are yours alone.