5 Pieces of Advice for Those Considering Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial Plastic surgery is usually seen as a modern practice for the rich and famous, who are keen to maintain youthful looks by removing wrinkles and lifting sections of the face, but its roots are much older. While there are records of Sushrata, regarded by many to be the father of surgery who performed basic plastic surgery as far back as the 6th Century BC, facial plastic surgery became a serious medical skill during the 2nd World War.

Since those dark and exploratory days, the techniques first used to replace damaged flesh have been refined to become an art form in itself. The draw to look youthful has enticed many to try these procedures, and this has been fueled by much of the surgery moving away from specialist clinics to become routine practices for a talented surgeon.

Scottsdale, AZ cosmetic surgeon Dr. Todd Hobgood is now regarded as one of the leading experts in the field of facial plastic surgery. Dr. Hobgood and his team operate from a facial plastic surgical facility in Scottsdale, Arizona where they offer a range of procedures from chemical peels and Juvederm to rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, and eyelid surgery.

While becoming a more commonplace technique, facial plastic surgery for purely cosmetic effects is still seen as the last resort, and there are many other alternatives such as Botox and laser resurfacing that may be considered before seeking surgery. Nonsurgical procedures like Juvederm, Restylane, Chemical Peels, Perlane and Radiesse are very common and reliable techniques.

If, however, you have your heart set on a surgical procedure like rhinoplasty or a face lift, there are many good pieces of advice that you should consider first. Here are 5 pieces of advice from Scottsdale, AZ cosmetic surgeon Dr. Tood Hobgood:

  1. Research your chosen procedure. Some techniques are more complex than others and you should understand success rates right from the beginning.
  2. Choose the right doctor. This is an extremely important consideration. It is a good idea to visit different facial plastic surgeons for consultations before you decide on the right one. The practice of facial plastic surgery has mushroomed over the last decade or two, and not all surgeons are as skilled or reliable as Dr. Hobgood. Patients visiting his Scottsdale facility are always talked through the techniques that they will face, and outcomes are discussed.
  3. Research your chosen clinic. Many reputable clinics now publish statistical data on the procedures they carry out. Make sure that the clinic you are considering is trained in the procedure that you require.
  4. Consider the change to your features before the surgery. The whole point of facial plastic surgery is to instigate change. You should consider how you believe you will look with your surgeon before the procedure, and be prepared for that change when the bandages come off.
  5. What to do if something goes wrong? Most facial plastic surgery techniques are well practiced and not subject to problems. But not all patients are the same and some may react differently to the surgery. You should discuss this with your surgeon.

About the author:

Dr. Hobgood of Hobgood Facial Plastic Surgery takes pride in ensuring that his patients are comfortable with the procedures they are undergoing. The office can be contacted at http://www.toddhobgood.com.