5 Top Causes of Construction Accidents and Deaths

Working in construction is not easy. It involves a lot of lifting and pushing, as well as hard work and lots of distributive attention. This last thing can make the difference between just another day at work and a day when a potentially fatal accident took place.


Falls are the most common type of accidents in construction, which often end with the worker asking personal injury compensation with help from a Construction Accident Attorney. Most construction sites are multi-story buildings, packed with scaffolding. Even if the building respects the safety norms, the risk of falling is high. In 2015, BLS reported that 40% of all construction site-related deaths were due to falls. To avoid these injuries you should always wear the protection equipment, especially when you are working at the top levels.


On a construction site there are many types of materials and the weather can add some new risks. Sand, water, ice and snow can increase the risk of slipping. While slipping on a multi-story building can result in a fatal fall, slipping on road level can also lead to a severe injury. Wet surfaces increase the risk of slipping heavy equipment on one’s foot.

Car accidents

When you are on a construction site you don’t expect to be hit by a car, but it does happen. Road workers are exposed to car accidents. At the same time, a construction worker can be hit by a car inside the construction site. Trailers, cranes and trucks are common on construction sites and workers might be tempted to lower their awareness around them, because they are a familiar sight. Because construction sites are dirty and full of dust, a driver’s visibility can easily be impaired, so wearing fluorescent vests is a good way to stay safe.

Being hit by materials

Construction materials such as pipes, ducts and metal can easily cause an accident. To avoid being injured by a falling material, you can wear protective equipment, like gloves, hard hats, reinforced boots and safety glasses.

Electrocution and explosions

BLS reported 81 deaths on construction sites due to electrocution. Operating with electricity is highly dangerous, especially when you are working outside, in the rain or the area is wet. Most construction sites are populated with high tension electricity lines, which can kill a human in a second. To reduce the risk of being electrocuted make sure you wear the specialized protection equipment and only deal with power lines if you are a trained electrician.

Explosions and fire are also common on construction sites, where flammable materials are found everywhere. Digging trenches can easily become risky if the workers reach a gas line. Working with compressed air also has a high risk of explosion.

If you suffered a work accident on a construction site you can see a lawyer to check if you are entitled to any compensation from your employer for the medical bills and the time off work.

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