5 Ways to Stay Healthy in the Workplace

office healthThere’s a lot of emphasis these days on health, but much of it deals explicitly with your home. Yes, it’s good to have that as a primary effort, but don’t forget about your workplace as well! Especially if you have a full time job, making sure you stay healthy at your professional location is absolutely vital.

So, if you feel like you might not be in the best work environment, or perhaps even that your own personal habits aren’t the best, consider the five items on the following list.

Find the Right Job

At the core of having a job with healthy habits attached is that fact that you need to find a great job. There are so many incredible options for people to make money, have a successful career, enjoy the work they do, and be healthy inside of those boundaries, there’s really no excuse anymore for doing anything that you don’t like professionally. And if you are temporarily stuck, keep working while your get the skills you need for the next step up!

Pay Attention To Air Quality

Air quality is a huge factor in workplace health. Some professions require actual safety equipment, for instance construction sites, but even in big cities near pollution sources, buying an air filter for your office space can immediately affect your mood, productivity, and overall awareness as your lungs clean out the ick that may be settling in them. If your company doesn’t provide air filters as necessary, just consider that you should buy the best one that you can afford, because your health depends on it!

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Noise Can Affect Health

Noise can be a factor in health at work as well. Studies show that noise can cause all sorts of problems, both mental and physical, so surround yourself whenever possible with either gentle sounds, or anything else that might counteract audio artifacts that may be messing with your nervous system.

Keep Healthy Social Relationships

And social health can directly impact personal health as well. If you have good relationships with the people you work with, your bosses, and your clients, then the fact of your good mood and attitude will directly reflect on your overall state of being. Tension and anxiety at work can lead to all different sort of physical ailments, especially when unchecked over time.

Pick the Right Work-To-Break Ratio

Finally, there is a known ratio of work-to-break time that is scientifically shown to increase productivity and make your feel healthier and more attentive on a day to day basis. Share this information with your boss and co-workers, and they’ll appreciate that you’re looking out for yourself and for them.