6 Best Exercises to Build Muscles

If you are looking to build muscle, you need the right mindset, dedication, and a workout regimen centered on strength training. One thing that has always been proven is that the human body can go through an immense transformation. In this article, we’ll look at five best exercises for building muscles.

1. Chest-supported rows

Chest-supported rows are a great option for firing up your muscles during training sessions. This exercise is largely focused on isolating back muscles that stimulate the growth of your upper body, which is essential if you want to gain mass rapidly. You need to master how to perform chest supported dumbbell rows and do several sets each day you train for the best results.

2. Bench press

The classic bench press is the best exercise for the upper and lower chest. When done correctly, it can help your muscle growth excel. Do not fall into the temptation of bench pressing with too much weight as a beginner, as you need to prevent back pain by gradually growing your body’s resilience.

3. Deadlifts

Deadlifts are one of the most powerful exercises for stimulating muscle growth in most parts of your body, including your lower back, hamstrings, and hip flexors. It is an exercise that brings out your true resilience and strength, which is the main reason why it is an Olympic lift. Avoid assuming that deadlifts are a reserve for elite bodybuilders and have it as part of your workout to realize its impacts.

4. Military press

Get your upper body into shape by learning the techniques of military press, a classic multi-joint upper body exercise. It might look like a simple movement, but you need to be careful by avoiding too much weight or overdoing it. According to professionals, you should not make this your first muscle-building exercise if you are a beginner. Only go for it after you have built your strength through other exercises, and it will give you the benefits of bigger and stronger muscle mass.

5. Squats

Anybody who exercises and does not engage in squats is doing great injustice to their bodies. Squats can place immense stress in your spine and is an exercise to engage in only when you have a spotter with weights that feel comfortable on your shoulders. It is the most effective way to ensure you don’t neglect your lower body during your workout. They also help restore body imbalances and stimulate muscle growth.

6. Weighted Dips

Regularly performing weighted dips is an excellent way to build upper body muscles quickly. Weighted dips train your arms, chest, shoulders, triceps, and core muscles. It is a great exercise if you want to have bigger arms while maintaining a good overall body shape. However, you should only engage in this exercise after building your upper body strength, as it can be strenuous.


Regardless of how lean your body might be, you can always build muscle. Step up your workout by including these exercises in your daily training and watch how quickly your muscles grow.