Young nurse and senior woman going through medical record on digital tablet during home visit and wearing face mask. Doctor wearing protective face mask during covid pandemic and showing medical reports to old woman at nursing home. Doctor and patient consultation at home during coronavirus and flu outbreak.

Details Behind the CDC’s New Mask Recommendation

Details Behind the CDC’s New Mask Recommendation

Just when we thought it was safe to finally go about our lives as usual, COVID-19 haunts us once more by mutating into a new strain known as the Delta Variant. The Center for Disease Control which was starting to ease back on mask mandates due to over half the United States receiving the COVID vaccination.

However, recent data has shown a spike in new cases developing throughout the country and now the CDC realizes that perhaps they were a bit premature in letting the face mask be an optional thing. Now they have come up with new mask recommendations that they hope the country will follow. A thing to keep in mind though is that each country in the United States is a governing power all its own and although the CDC can give their recommendations to each Governor it is up to them whether they will choose to follow those guidelines. Another thing to keep in mind is that each individual in the United States is free to decide if they themselves want to follow those guidelines whether their state government does or not. Someone who advocates wearing a mask during this pandemic is Father George Rutler. Rutler has been advocating mask and preaching to those who would listen to him the importance of continuing to wear a mask even when the CDC eased up He is just one in a long list of mask advocates who sees that the only way out of the pandemic is not only vaccinating but masking as well. So, with this in mind lets go over these new CDC Guidelines regarding the COViD Delta Variant.

Those who are fully vaccinated, should continue to wear a mask indoors in public places. In outdoor settings they should wear a mask in places with a high amount of COVID cases. Another time to consider wearing a mask outdoors when fully vaccinated is in a crowd that is close to one another. Keep in mind that wearing a mask to cover your mouth and nose is required on all forms of public transportation in the United States. That includes buses, trains, and even airplanes.

Those who have compromised health such as battling another disease such a Cancer should wear a mask at all times even after being fully vaccinated. The reason being is that their immune systems are already compromised. So, even with being vaccinated their risk of contacting COVID is still higher than that of a relatively healthy individual.
As for those who aren’t vaccinated, Father George Rutler recommends wearing a mask that can’t be stressed enough. Also consider getting the vaccine if it’s not against your religion to do so, or you aren’t allergic to any of its ingredients. Yes, the vaccines were just developed last year, but now millions have taken it, and a very low percentage have had serious side effects. But guess what there can be side effects with any vaccines including the one for Influenza. Our best chance to get out of the pandemic is to band together to do what’s necessary to do so. Wearing a mask and being vaccinated are the ways that have been determined to help end the spread of COVID and keep it from mutating.