6 Instant Energy Boosters to Try at Work

Chained to your desk and feeling a little lacklustre in the motivation department? We’ve all been there. If the office slump is getting you down, we’ve put together some clever little tips and tricks to help you re-energise while at work…

Get Your 5 a Day
Way too few of us get our 5 a day, but keeping your fruit and veg intake up can really help you to feel energized and healthy. This is especially important during a long working day. Why not persuade your boss to stock up on office fruit delivered by companies like Fruitful Office to keep the whole team full of the vitamins and nutrients they need to perform at their best?

Find your Thymus…
…and tap it. No, this isn’t some weird, new age “chi-releasing” trick. Your thymus is part of your immune system which releases T-cells. You can artificially stimulate your thymus and its clever T-cells by tapping it. This can help you to feel more relaxed whilst giving you a little energy boost. Locate your thymus below your collar bone at the centre of your chest and take 20 seconds to tap with your fingertips whilst breathing deeply.

Step Outside
We’re not talking about a fag break or a sneaky escape here, we mean go enjoy some fresh air for 10 minutes. This won’t just help you clear your head, get some fresh air into your lungs and get you moving, it will also help to get you a little more UV. Sitting in a fluorescently lit office all day does no good for the amount of light we absorb. Even if it’s a grey, British day, you’ll still get some extra UV in, which can perk you up no end.

Go Green
Forget coffee. It might feel like the only thing separating you from insanity and slumber, but all that caffeine could actually be making the problem worse. The office workers’ “drug” of choice can disturb sleep cycles and dehydrate you. Green tea, however, is your perfect new pick-me-up! Green tea has a very small amount of caffeine to give you a little kick and it’s full of antioxidants which help your body to feel much healthier. There are also tonnes of reliable studies which suggest the EGCG in green tea promotes weight loss! What’s not to love?

Did you know that staring at a screen radically reduces your blink rate? In front of your computer you blink much less which can make your eyes feel, well, awful. We’re sure you can indentify with this feeling. To combat the problem, make a concerted effort to blink regularly to refresh your eyes. Every time you finish a task, take a few minutes to normalize your blinking pattern.

Improve Your Posture
Your posture could be having a negative effect on your energy levels. When we’re tired we tend to slump, but this is just about the worst thing we could do. Slumping, particularly with our head and neck forward, reduces the flow of blood to the brain and wastes energy by using all of the wrong muscles. Get your posture right and you could feel more energized for longer at your desk. Don’t forget to take regular breaks, get up and walk around too to promote good blood flow.