6 Reasons Why Companies Drug Test Their Employees

Two accidents that happened in the 1980’s prompted the 1991 Omnibus Transportation Act and subsequent regularity of workplace drug tests. Today, drug tests in the workplace have made good progress in terms of containing accidents and other problems. It is therefore not surprising to see companies testing new employees and even conducting random tests to established workers. Why are drug tests so important? Here are 6 reasons every company needs drug test kits.

Employee Productivity

Like the employer, most employees want to see the company succeed. The correlation between drug abuse and poor performance at work is real. If an employee is taking drugs at work, he or she is likely to be less productive.  Drugs impair reaction time and judgment, two important capabilities in any workplace. With the awareness of drug tests in the company, an employee will desist from drugs altogether and be a better performer.

Reduced Costs

Some companies come to learn about an intoxicated employee down the line due to bad performance. They seek to help through rehabilitation or other means because they are already part of team. It is usually a costly undertaking. You will agree that if they were given a choice beforehand, most companies would not hire such intoxicated candidates.

Also related to costs is the fact that the health insurance is likely to be more for a drug user. Worker’s compensation laws may also go against the employer in case no drug tests are conducted. To forego these added expenses, many companies are conducting drug tests.

Improved Workplace Safety

The effects of drugs on behavior can make the user dangerous, not only to themselves, but also to co-workers. Impaired judgment can lead to serious accidents, especially if the person is operating machinery. Lives have even been lost because of unnecessary accidents. Drug tests are a way of ensuring a drug-free and safe workplace.

Avoid Problematic Workers

No manager wants to work with a problematic employee, so avoiding hiring such people in the first place is better. Problematic employees bring workplace misunderstandings and strain relationships. Pre-employment tests can identify such candidates and prevent unnecessary stress in the company. 

Improve attendance

Absenteeism in the workplace is a common problem. Studies have shown that employees on drugs are prone to having attendance problems. Absenteeism will eventually show through bottom line effects. Companies drug test often to deter drug use, and by extension, improve attendance.

Rehab For Employees

In case an employee tests positive for drugs and his/her drug dependency is known, this is an opportunity for the company to offer the necessary help. If the terms are that the employee will keep the job after rehab, chances of an agreement between the two parties are high.


Many companies are struggling with drug addiction among their employees. They are incurring huge losses due to this scourge. Effect of drugs on productivity is out of question. To counter the problem, companies regularly carry out workplace drug tests, which also play a pivotal role in workplace safety, employee health and other benefits listed here. What other benefits can you add in the list?

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