Why fitness courses are getting more and more popular

As the Australian population continues to exhibit high levels of obesity, the call to improve our overall fitness is becoming more urgent. Taking responsibility for one’s health through diet and exercise is a well-known mantra that has resulted in more people engaging in structured exercise and an increase in the variety of physical activities on offer. One of the other major factors that has contributed to the upward trend of the fitness industry is an increasing awareness of sedentary lifestyles.  Stasis combined with the conveniences of modern life amounts to less incidental physical movement throughout the day as reflected by our careers, leisure activities and choice of food.

As a result, the fitness industry is fiercely encouraging the general public to properly exercise in order to combat their health issues and to achieve a physical appearance to be proud of. Therefore, the sector is substantially expanding, with the number of employed fitness instructors more than doubling over the past decade.

Those seeking to become fitness instructors undergo training for a number of reasons, which has led to a rise their popularity overall. Many people who are seeking flexible work options are drawn to the fitness sector as they can start their own business, work locally, or work around family or other commitments. In other instances, providers are reporting a subsection of their fitness trainees are undergoing instructor and personal training courses simply in order to maintain their own physical fitness armed with the current best practice fitness knowledge.  Many former and current elite athletes will also complete fitness instructor courses in order to train others in their chosen field or to increase their knowledge for their own training in the areas of biomechanics, anatomy or programming, for example.

In general and with good reason, completing a fitness course online is a less than ideal method of learning. This is because a lack of face-to-face time with an experienced trainer can mean that your own form is not adequately assessed, which can then impact upon how you will go on to train others. However, this is not to say that the online realm doesn’t have its place for future fitness instructors. Nowadays, most high quality fitness courses delivered around Australia will incorporate an online component that will form a part of your certification. You may watch video tutorials, do online quizzes, read anatomy and health articles online and participate in student forums. As a result, online learning is increasingly invaluable to future fitness professionals. Furthermore, as technology develops, the use of video conferencing and 3D motion tracking with equipment such as sensors will provide the opportunity to improve any purely online learning that occurs in the fitness space.

So if you’re considering completing a course, ask around for insights into other people’s experiences of completing fitness certifications, you may even begin by asking your current trainer for advice. And finally, don’t forget that you may be eligible for a government subsidised place that will reduce your course fees, subject to eligibility.