6 Signs You May Want to Consider Seeking Therapy

Studies show that more and more Americans are seeking psychological therapy. The stigma seems to be lifting off of mental health issues, making it much easier for affected individuals to pursue such help. 

Are you one of the millions of people thinking about seeing a therapist? Wondering whether it’s the right decision? While most human beings can benefit from seeing a therapist, some human beings are in more need of one than others.

Without further ado, here are 6 signs you may want to consider seeking therapy. 

Signs You Should Be Seeking Therapy

Allowing mental anguish to persist can result in dire consequences over the long run. Therapy can help quell mental anguish, helping one to lead a happy and healthy life. 

Wondering when to seek therapy? Here are 7 indications that it’s necessary. 

1. You Can’t Get Your Mind Off a Specific Trauma

Has something traumatic happened to you in the past? Are you having trouble getting it out of your mind? If so, you are highly advised to see a therapist. 

Therapists are well-versed at getting to the roots of trauma, helping their patients to understand it and, ultimately, deal with it. This is true of everything from sexual abuse to physical abuse to emotional abuse to loss and more.

By talking about and confronting these difficult topics with a therapist, you can more thoroughly process and move past them. Conversely, if you don’t talk about this trauma, it can compound, exponentially multiplying the stress in your psyche. 

You Feel a Chronic Sense of Unease 

Do you feel a sense of discomfort or unease during the majority of your life? If so, you should know that such chronic feelings of unease are unhealthy, and should be professionally treated as soon as possible. 

A number of factors could lead to such feelings. Stress, trauma, and inherited mental illness are just a few of the possible causes. 

Regardless of what’s causing your negative feelings, regular talks with a therapist can help. A seasoned therapist will identify the source of your feelings, assess them, and then show you ways to combat them. 

You’re Abusing Substances  

An almost sure sign that you need to see a therapist is if you’re abusing substances. Substance abuse is almost always a sign of mental distress, as substances are often used to regulate negative thoughts and feelings. 

The substances we speak of don’t necessarily have to be inherently addictive. The overconsumption of everything from marijuana to cigarettes to food to opioids to alcohol and more are all causes for concern. The overconsumption of non-tangible entities — such as porn, love, and sadness — is troubling as well. 

A therapist will not only help you identify the cause of your addiction, but he or she will also help you in the treatment of your addiction. This is particularly true if you opt to see a therapist at a rehabilitation center. 

You’re Having Troubles in Your Relationships 

Another reason to see a therapist is because of relationship troubles. This is true regardless of the nature of the relationship. Because our relationships are vitally important to our well-being, their deterioration can have quite a negative effect on us. 

Therapists are no strangers to helping patients through such relationships troubles. Not only can they help to identify the source of the interpersonal strife, but they can also offer up advice on how to handle it. 

If you wish, you and the other individual(s) involved could even take part in group therapy. This will help you to come to a better understanding together, assisting you in mending any existing wounds.

Work is Causing You Severe Stress 

While some individuals are lucky enough to work unstressful jobs, the majority of us face work stress on a daily basis. This is true regardless of whether or not we find our work enjoyable. 

Though work stress might not seem like a substantial enough reason to see a therapist, it most certainly is. Allowing work-related stress to fester and compound can have severe negative effects on both our minds and our bodies. In some cases, it even leads to mental illness. 

A therapist can help you with strategies for coping with such stress, ensuring that it doesn’t build up to the point that it can’t be repaired. Looking for a therapist? Read this guide to find the best therapist for you. 

You Have No One With Which to Talk About Your Problems 

Human beings are social creatures. We need other human beings not only for social connection, but to open up to as well. If we lack social connection, we become repressed and tend to take on mental health issues. 

While some of us have friends and family that we can open up to, others of us don’t. For those of us who don’t, therapy is vitally important. 

Your therapist will discuss with you your deepest fears, your strongest insecurities, and your most repressed of feelings without any disdain or judgment. Being able to get these things off of your chest on a regular basis will work wonders for your mental health. 

Others Have Been Voicing Concerns About Your Behavior 

Perhaps the surest sign that you need to see a therapist is if others in your life have been voicing concerns about your behavior. Often times, those closest to us are able to detect things that we ourselves are in denial about. 

For instance, if several of your friends have questioned you about your alcohol intake, there’s a real possibility that you have a problem. You may not see it as a problem, but, if others in your life do, it likely is. 

A therapist can help you to dive deeper into the behaviors that your loved ones are concerned about. If they’re affecting your life negatively, your therapist will help you to handle them. 

Get Your Mind Right With Harcourt Health 

If any of the above-reviewed signs sound familiar to you, you should think about seeking therapy sooner rather than later. Doing so can have a seismic positive impact on your life. 

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