7 Interesting and Enlightening Facts About Smiling :)

The power of smiling can have tremendous effects on your overall well-being. Scientists, doctors, and spiritual experts alike have all expressed how important it is to smile. 

This act carries with it more advantages that you probably know, and there is serious life-changing power to be enjoyed when you consciously do it more often. 

Consider the following facts about smiling and let them be your guide to boost your life. 

Lifechanging Facts About Smiling to Carry With You

Ah, what’s in a smile? This facial expression involves about 10 coordinated muscles and happens naturally when you laugh or are feeling happy. 

However, when you both consciously smile more and set up life circumstances that make you smile more, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few of the benefits:

1. Smiling Is an Incredible Form of Stress-Relief

Smiling is an incredible form of stress-relief. 

This is important since nearly a third of the populace says that they walk around every day under the burden of extreme stress. If you walk around with stress, you carry it in your mind and your body, and it can wreak havoc on your every waking moment if you don’t find a way to control it. 

Taking the time to smile costs you nothing and will help you to beat the monster of stress into submission. A single smile is packed with a cocktail of feel-good brain chemicals known as dopamine and serotonin. 

Flashing a smile trains your brain’s reward receptors, so you can literally train yourself to turn stress into joy. 

2. Being Able to Comfortably Smile Helps You Express Yourself

People begin to feel stifled when they aren’t able to express themselves. A sizable slice of the population has a lot of trouble expressing an honest smile, due to insecurity about their appearance or dental work, or simply due to fears of putting themselves out there. 

Smiling more often gives you the courage to be yourself in the way you smile, emote, speak and more. As you might imagine, this can have positive effects on just about every other part of your life and sense of being as well. 

3. It’s Excellent for Your Mental Health

Since smiling is good for your brain, you can expect to have more control over your thoughts and your everyday mental health. 

It helps to take the emotional edge off, which gives you more mental clarity and help with depression. Something as simple as a smile can help people who have crippling anxiety. 

And why not show off your dental work? If you’ve paid good money for things like teeth whitening, composite resin bonding, or veneers, it’s only right to let the world see them more often. 

4. It’s Great for Relieving Your Pain

Because smiling floods your brain with good endorphins, it improves your ability to cope with both mental and physical pain. Your brain actually secrets natural painkillers that can assist you whether you are dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, pain from working out, arthritis, or any other chronic pain. 

This is both cheaper and healthier than popping over-the-counter painkillers and is a resource that you can tap into time and time again. 

5. Smiling Keeps You Young and Attractive

Stress is something that you carry around in all parts of your life. When cortisol is flooding your body, you will begin feeling mentally and physically worn, and this speeds up the aging process. 

Conversely, smiling keeps you feeling exuberant and youthful, which will also make you more attractive to yourself and to others. 

6. There Are Several Spiritual benefits of Smiling

A number of spiritual teachers tout the benefits of smiling on a regular basis. There are even smiling meditation practices that people look into and use daily. 

For instance, there is an ancient Taoist practice of closing your eyes and smiling as you breathe, while thinking the positive energy of the smile into your heart as you listen to your heartbeat. People that practice this experience a sense of euphoria that carries them through their days. 

As you smile, you also train your neurology and habits to lean into positive thoughts and feelings. Once this becomes a habit you can navigate even the roughest patches that life brings your way. 

Mixing smiling with yoga, meditation, jogging, and other practices can add unrivaled joy to your life that money can’t buy. 

7. You Spread Joy and Energy to Others

Be sure that you use smiling as a foundation to spread more joy and abundance to everyone in your life. You never know how much a simple smile can brighten up someone’s day. 

It can be seen as a warm and kind gesture to help someone who is going through a storm. What’s more, people often mimic smiles, so your positive energy can become contagious without the other people even realizing what’s happening. 

This invites lots of warm energy and good times into your life — and it costs you nothing. 

Flash Those Pearly Whites Regularly

These facts about smiling are an example of how something so small and controllable can have tremendous effects. 

Take the time to add several more smiles to your day, and it will help you out in more ways than you can imagine. Keep up with your dental work as well so that you love the way your smile looks. 

Check back for more info on how you can improve your health to the fullest.